The NFL is not Your Friend

So far the National Football League has not announced a flag-burning to be included in the Super Bowl halftime show, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be one. And probably no gutsy Fedex guy to stop it, as in the video above.

Folks, I don’t know what more the NFL can do to convince you that they’re not on your side. Before the season even started, the NFL was standing tall for transgenderism and threatening to pull big games from states where they didn’t allow grown men to follow little girls into the bathroom.

Then the NFL sided with zillionaire “protesters” who wouldn’t stand for the National Anthem, I guess to protest the injustice of them being forced to play pro football for a living when they could otherwise be serving up Big Macs.

And now the NFL says they won’t “limit” halftime star Lady Gaga in anything she might say about America’s new president–chosen by the American people over Lady Gaga’s candidate, Cruella Devill.

So a flag-burning doesn’t look like it’d be any big deal for them.

Why do we support this sports league that refuses to support us, that predictably takes sides with the culture-killers every chance they get? The NFL’s TV ratings are way down this year: good, it shows we still have some self-respect.

The only thing better than seeing this year’s Stupid Bowl tank in the ratings would be to hear the crowd at the stadium drown out Lady Gaga with their booing.

7 comments on “The NFL is not Your Friend

  1. Once upon a time, football players as well as players for other American sports were great role models for kids growing up. Many engaged in activities outside of the football field or baseball diamond to help out free of charge some kid-related activities encouraging the little ones to do their very best. Miss all that.

  2. If they are expecting my support, they are waiting in vain. I can’t stand football to begin with, I have no patience with ungreatful brats, and besides that, they are all delusional about their own importance. Who needs such

  3. I’ve noticed the increasingly politicization of the NFL and pretty much everything else in the last couple of years. All this is part of Obama’s legacy. Maybe things will begin to change now that he’s out of office, but it will take a couple of years at least. Then again things could always get worse.

  4. Poop on the devil. Let Lady Gaga say whatever she wants just like Madonna and the rest of these illuminati morons. Our Mighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the Righteous KING of Kings LORD of Lords is on his white horse.

    Hell shall enlarge herself to swallow the reprobates and zealots alike.

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