Sanity Break: Dogs & Cats & Babies

This has just gotta be so good for a baby! Well, my doctor says it leads to a stronger immune system, and he should know. But it must be wonderful for a baby, spiritually and emotionally, to love and be loved by some big, warm, cuddly critter.

Be honest, now–if it had been you instead of God creating the world, would you have thought of this?

3 comments on “Sanity Break: Dogs & Cats & Babies

  1. If you want to prove the existence of a Creator, the way these animals act towards tiny children is a good starting point. Those critters seem to know that they can’t act against those babies in any way. If I roughhouse with even my very gentle cat, she will remind me that she has claws and teeth. I’m sure that the cats in the video are the same, yet they just stay there and take it from these little ones.

    On the flip side, I’m certain that children benefit from being around domestic animals. They seem so drawn to animals, it has to be an instinct.

  2. Oh, Lee – this couldn’t have been any sweeter! Children and animals have always been drawn to each other. It’s such a natural thing. And I agree, Unknowable – we surely see our Creator at work here.

  3. Such precious pictures. Reminds me of the pictures I have of my grandson when he was taking a nap on my sofa and his cat (he named the cat Vanilla) was lying on his back sleeping with him. They were inseparable.

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