Sunday School Favorite: ‘Draw Me Nearer’

Pressed for time this morning, I couldn’t find quite what I wanted in the form of this wonderful old Fanny Crosby hymn, Draw Me Nearer. But this plain little piano rendition is pretty close to what we sang to, in Sunday school.

I have no idea why so many artists perform this hymn as if it were a dirge. This is one you whistle as you walk down the street! And God will hear it.

One comment on “Sunday School Favorite: ‘Draw Me Nearer’”

  1. Thank you so much for this song. It is exactly what I needed this morning.
    I am finally alone in the house (no TV), the kids are gone for a couple hours, and I am free to worship. This song is exactly my prayer every day. The piano sounds very much like my mother’s. I will play it again and again.

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