Mischief in High Places

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I hate it when they invade my Sabbath rest; but every time I try to hang my hat on a nail of peace and sanity, some Democrat comes along and knocks it off. Because they don’t want peace and they don’t like sanity.

Today’s reprobate is our recent U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lunch–er, Lynch–calling for I don’t know what, although I did listen to the video ( http://www.wnd.com/2017/03/loretta-lynch-need-more-marching-blood-death-on-streets/ ). Ms. Lunch is most famous–er, infamous–for “exploring” whether the Justice Dept. ought to “investigate” persons for the newfangled pseudocrime of “Climate Change Denial,” and for meeting one-on-one with Billyboy Clinton while his wife, the presidential candidate, was being investigated by the FBI–and then, miraculously, the indictment went away. Go figure.

The WorldNetDaily headline is a little misleading. Lunch–er, Lynch–does not actually call for “more marching, blood, and death in the streets.” She does call this “a time of great fear and uncertainty,” probably one that will require some lives to be sacrificed before the smoke clears–she doesn’t say whose, and I didn’t hear her volunteering–and she’s all freaked out because of “rights being trampled… and even rolled back.” What “rights” is she talking about? Transgender bathroom rights? The right to come here illegally and get free stuff? In any event, to protect these rights, Ms. Lunch–er, Lynch–suggests that bloodshed and death are probably okay.

America has had eight years of lawlessness from the top down, and is by no imaginable measure a better country for it.

The Democrat Party has called Lynch’s video “words of inspiration.”

These people keep on showing us who they are; and God help us if we are ever so insane as to ever again let them hold power over us. That must never, never, never happen again.

7 comments on “Mischief in High Places

    1. It absolutely sickens me. It’s astonishing to me how far they attempt to stretch the bounds of credulity!

  1. Right you are, Lee and Linda. I was just re reading in my Bible yesterday
    where God says He has with held rain, He has sent troubles of every kind,
    and STILL they will not return to Me. How bad does it have to get before His people return whole-heartedly to Him so that things can return to some level of sanity? As we read Revelation, we can see it is not likely to happen. It is our assignment to rescue as many lost souls as possible and let the Almighty put all things right in His time.

    1. I think we are seeing how bad it can get in real time, and I agree, many will steadfastly refuse to turn to God.

      No man can no to a certainty, but we are seeing outbreaks of disorder in many places and a wholesale abandonment of reason and common sense. If you factor Israel as an indicator, we are seeing powerful existential threats to both the nation of Israel and the Jewish people in diaspora. If this trend contours, I would expect that we will see more and more Jewish people moving to their ancestral homeland, which is also prophesied. I suspect that the current wave of badness will serve to accelerate the pace of the regathering.

  2. The lovely song, In His Time is a calming influence, especially with all the beautiful pictures.

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