‘Safe in the Arms of Jesus’

One day in 1868, Fanny Crosby recalled, her friend, Dr. Doan, dropped in for a visit and told her he had to catch a train in 40 minutes. He had a melody, he said: could she, in under 40 minutes, write a hymn to it? (The story is reported by CyberHymnal.)

She could and she did (in about 20 minutes); and you can hear that hymn today, sung by the Altar of Praise Chorale.

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  1. Beautiful, glorious and encouraging.
    I want to update on my prayer request. Eric called last evening around 8PM, and sounded just like his normal self. His wife with him, and both saying they want to begin planning a move to be near me. We are beginning research on property possibilites. Thank you so much for prayer. I know the Lord is in control, sometimes I feel a little “out of control” in my anxieties.

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