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Hey, if you’re shut in by the weather today, or just feel like reading a little more of this blog, visit the archives and call up this post from Oct. 6, 2014–“What We Can Learn from Bad Movies.” What does America’s immigration policy have in common with Plan 9 from Outer Space? Well, yeah, okay, Plan 9 was better than anything ever produced by the Obama administration–but read the post. I think you’ll like it.

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  1. That was interesting and entertaining. The question you raise is quite apt. If someone makes a movie, as a rule they are trying to make a good movie. If I was an investor and someone said I’m trying to make a bad movie I would not invest, unless it was tongue in cheek and, thereby, a good movie making fun of bad movies. But I digress.

    Bad movies are made all the time and they are made by knowledgable, professional people, skilled in their craft. They are assisted by market research and every tool available for guiding them in what resonates with the public. Also, there is profit motive when it comes to movies and no one goes into the business to make a box-office failure. Yet, there are still failures galore.

    Now, if you think in terms of politics, there are people in office, not because of qualification, but because of image building, publicity, etc. They don’t answer to investors, all they have to do is shift the blame away from themselves and they are in the clear. In the case of some political schools of thought, the goal is not to succeed, but instead to destroy.

    IOW, there’s not much wiggle room for film makers, but politicians can avoid blame quite adroitly and their motives may be negative towards their constituency, if that serves the purposes of their ideological goals.

    God’s stuff works, mankind’s stuff frequently does not.

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