God’s Stuff: A Cozy Bat

Hi, Mr. Nature here–and this is a baby fruit bat getting petted, and loving it.

You don’t think of bats as creatures that will respond to affection, but obviously they do. I think you can say that of most animals. And I think that tells us something about God’s Creation, and our own place in it. Another kind of animal, under unusual circumstances, might form a bond with a bat. But only a human being, for all our faults, will seek out a bat for that very purpose.

Incidentally, the oldest fossil bat ever discovered was already a full-blown bat, rather like the little guy in the video. Darwin himself worried that his theory would fall apart if no fossils were discovered of any animal on its way to evolving into a bat. His followers are not that honest.

2 comments on “God’s Stuff: A Cozy Bat

  1. I’ve heard that they are endearing little creatures and not al all deserving of their bad reputation.

    It seems like I hear more an more accounts of interesting, even marvelous animal encounters of late. One wonders if King Ozias’ bell has been rung.

  2. What an adorable situation! It would never have occurred to me to even attempt to befriend a bat, and while I have no plans to do so, this sure is another example of God’s wonders and His care for His creation.

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