As the Facebook Waterhole Runs Dry…

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Well, I’ve tried just about everything to get back my Facebook referrals to this blog, and so far, nothing’s worked. This is Day 6 of the Great Drought of referrals, which I think was brought on by my getting disconnected from Facebook on Sunday. WordPress tells me I’m reconnected, but there ain’t no water in this waterhole.

One last thing to try. If some of you would be so kind as to share some of my posts today with a few of your Facebook friends, I could check from time to time and see if that makes anything happen. That, unless anyone can come up with anything else, will be the last throw of the dice. I have no idea what has caused this problem, nor has anybody offered one.

2 comments on “As the Facebook Waterhole Runs Dry…

  1. Facebook is in Full censorship roll as we speak or shall I say Newspeak (1984). They will live stream a child being raped or killing themselves before they let us spread the Gospel, life saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are starting to see prophecy at full steam ahead…there are other social media sites that are like minded and there are less trolls,shills and terrorist. 2015 I had had enough of the threats, the fact that FB was banning me all the time for speaking the Truth. They really did not like what I had to say about the false pope or the rest of the psychopaths aka our government. This my Brother is going to be the new norm…soon getting the TRUTH out there will end up putting us in camps and being shut down completely. Jesus told us that this would be…we would be hated for His Name. Everlasting life in Jesus Christ’s name, and what a powerful name indeed, so powerful that soon the whole world will see The Glory of Our Coming, Living King!!! I would delete FB and get out now why you can..there is always a better outlet..God will guide you to where HE wants you to be. I share your post through my email to friends and family most who are not on Fakebook. We all very much enjoy the hymns and posts..keep going, God bless you. Shannon B.

  2. I am coming to the same conclusion as Shannon. I am just about to cancel my connection to facebook. My experience there has not been good lately. The only reason I got an account in the first place was to keep a connection to family and send some Bible teachings to those who need them. It is getting more and more difficult to navigate the thing, so I think it
    will be arivaderci.

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