Safe Spaice For all!!!

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Hear at Collidge we “are” al exited by what Thay are “doing” At Rosefelt Unavarsity In Chickago making “the” hole Campas into Safe Spaice so That evryboddy in The world thay “can” come to Ammerica! So we whant To Do it tooo!

Thiss it wil reely fix Donold Trumpt and show “him that” he cant keeep noboddy Out Of this here contry! He is so stopid, he dont Know We Are The world and we are “alll” Citruzens Of the world!!! Jist waight till he “Sees” al The Hash Tags wee gots! he wil probbly jist sit downe And criy! Evry Time i send a Emale now it wil Say #YiuAreAlWelkomeHere! Exept for christins and Climbit Change Denyars!

My prefesser he “says it Is” time For thare not “to” be No Nations anyymore jist One Big Nation with One Big Govvermant for evryboddy and i hope pressadint Obamma he wil “be” pressadint of One Big Govvermant and i think Hillery she be pressadint tooo we can Have them Both!!! And aslo Lots of Sciance! becose yiu cant doo nothing With-out a Lot of Sciance.

Wel now I got to “go” and Help Put up sines all over thay say “”Inclusion Has No Boarders”!! One Big Govvermant for Evryboddy In the werld Hear We come!!!!

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  1. Homeschool your children…all college’s are rotten to the core…
    I wanted to thank everyone here for praying for my mom who has stage 4 cancer,she is home from hospital and is ok. The ER doctors told us that her oncologist doctor gave her way to much chemo drug and it was a God’s grace and love that it did not kill her! Thank you all so much for Praying for my mom Katy. We are ever so grateful to our Father.Bless you all..Shannon B.

  2. Prayers sent, Shannon.

    Joe, as usual, you possess a unique degree of insight. You have insight to the degree that you see things no one else can see and you don’t even notice things that are obvious to the average house plant. It must be all that education and maybe those hashtags help. Keep at it Joe, you are born to lead liberals. 🙂

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