Good News, Bad News

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My neighbor, Harlem, for whose recovery from cancer many of us prayed, tells me his experience had been written up in one of the medical journals. He’s feeling stronger by the day, putting back on some of the weight he lost, and wants to play some hoops when the weather gets a little warmer. I gave him a copy of The Cellar Beneath the Cellar to celebrate. Now we’ve got to find a basketball.

Meanwhile, this blog is giving me fits today.

Thursday’s usually my best day because that’s when my Newswithviews column is published, and it generates a lot of referrals to the blog. But not today. Not even one. Everything seems to be in working order, so I’m at a loss to understand the problem.

Ditto Facebook. As an experiment, my friend Susan generated two referrals this morning. They worked–which leaves me unable to explain why there are only those two and no more. The more I try to understand how social media work, the less I understand about the whole business.

And they say they want to merge our minds with computers??? That just may be the stupidest idea ever conceived by smart people.

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  1. It frustrates me to see this happening to you. If I knew the first thing about social media, referrals, etc, I’d be all over this, but it’s way out of my area of expertise.

    What you need, at this point is some consulting help from someone that works with these matters. I still suspect that it could be a deliberate thing on the part of Facebook. The phenomenon of known conservatives being subverted by social media has been widely reported and I believe the reports. I know that if I search keywords associated with Christianity and conservative subject matter, the search suggestions seem quite slow in coming.

  2. Lee, I just linked over here from your article at NewsWithViews. Did it register as a referral? — or is that not what you mean by “referral”? I’m a bit of a twit about these things.

    Excellent article, by the way. Now I have to add another daily read to my “Favorites” list so I can keep up with your articles. Which other site(s) do you write for besides NewsWithViews and BarbWire?

    1. Hmm! No, Phoebe, it did not register–and that’s what beats me. I wondered if they were having any problems at NWV, but they say no. The fact that you got here from there just makes my head spin. I wonder if it’s a WordPress problem.

    2. Barbwire picks up some of my blog posts and my NWV columns. I also write (mostly book and movie reviews) for “Faith For All of Life,” the print magazine of The Chalcedon Foundation. A few other sites pick up my work occasionally, but I only write regularly for NWV and this blog.

  3. Praise God! Wonderful news about Harlem! Please tell him and his wife they remain in my prayers. And I’m sure he’ll enjoy reading your book. I’m all caught up – just finished The Throne and anxiously await volume 10 🙂

    Like Unknowable and Phoebe, I’m clueless about ‘referrals’ and social media stuff, but I’ve heard similar buzz about censorship of Christian and conservative information.

    Today’s NWV article was – as always – excellent. I do hope people will consider how absurd this culture (and it galls me to call it that) has become.

    1. Linda, maybe we can still call it “culture” if by “culture” we mean something festering in a petri dish or on a microscope slide. 🙂

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