‘They Want Us to Assimilate With… That?’

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Sweden makes me wonder if there is any limit to liberal insanity.

A “non-governmental LBGT group”–I guess that means Sweden also has government-funded and directed LBGT groups, or there’d be no need to specify–has been handing out brochures–described as “bizarre” and graphic–depicting and recommending all kinds of unwholesome sex acts: handing them out to “any asylum seeker over the age of 15.”

By “asylum seeker” they do not mean persons suffering from a mental illness and wishing to commit themselves to care. No–they mean Muslim migrants, mostly able-bodied men of military age. And 15 is the legal age of consent in Sweden.

Note: I have not linked to a news article because I cannot justify allowing any illustrations from that brochure to appear on this blog. So you can either take my word for the story or, if you really have to, track it down yourself. It shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Anyhoo, we’re talking about angry, hostile, violence-prone young men who come from countries where they throw homosexuals off the roofs of high buildings, and then stone them if they don’t die when they hit the street.

Do you think any of those men, upon viewing the gay porn pamphlets, will want to assimilate with Swedish culture?

They will think they have a duty to destroy it.

Two false religions, secular humanism and Islam, I believe will inevitably be locked in mortal combat.

O Lord Our God, let Jesus Christ Our King, who is the light of the world, guide us through this darkening age.

4 comments on “‘They Want Us to Assimilate With… That?’

  1. “Two false religions, secular humanism and Islam, I believe will inevitably be locked in mortal combat.”

    You may be onto something here, Lee. God has allowed His enemies to destroy one another in the past. It’s a tidy solution.

  2. Amen to your prayer, Lee, and no, I do not need to view the thing you mentioned. There is way too much ugliness in the world without seeking
    it out. I pray shalom to all who are on the Lord’s side.

  3. Amen to both your theory and your prayer, Lee. Of course, many of us may die in the cross-fire between the two false and contending religions, but we know that our Redeemer lives and that although we may die here, we will go to live with Christ in eternity if we stay faithful. See Matthew 10:28 – “And fear not those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” (RSV)

  4. These LGBT people absolutely have no clue about the nature of the muslim male. And handing out these flyers will serve as an incitement for sure.

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