‘Ignorance and Superstition, in My Own Home Town’ (2014)

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Shameful, isn’t it?

I haven’t looked at the Community Calendar in donkey’s years, so I don’t know if we’re still having an annual Animal Spirit Guide Event. Nor do I know if any more mandalas have been displayed at St. Luke’s Church. I suppose it’s possible the Event petered out after the Great Squirrel Spirit handed out one too many bad stock tips.

Ignorance and Superstition, in My Own Hometown

Funny, isn’t it? The more high-tech scientific stuff we have in our lives, the more superstition we collect to go with it: almost like they were two sides of the same coin. (I was going to say “record,” but that would only bounce off anybody born after 1990.) And this with the costliest and most intrusive education system ever devised by fallen man.

On second thought, it’s doing exactly what we should expect of it.

‘Has She Got the Wrong Number!’ (2016)

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To answer your question, sunshine–none.

I don’t know which is worse–listening to people babble about their past lives, or a really bad case of athlete’s foot. Anyway, I turned down this golden opportunity to review a book about Past Lives Regression Therapy.

Has She Got the Wrong Number!

Up to our eyeballs in pseudo-religion, is it any wonder that we now have a country governed by idiots, criminals, dotards, perverts, and lunatics?

Nobody ever had a past life as a schlub. It’s always something glamorous, exotic, fascinating.

And how do you get “certified” as a Past Lives Regression therapist? That must be a hoot. Can you get in trouble for being an uncertified Past Lives Regression therapist? And how would anybody ever tell the difference?

Apologetics Sermon Illustration #49: There are Too Many Religions Which One is True and Counterfeit Currencies

You’re sure to have encountered this, er, objection many times. Our esteemed colleague SlimJim shows us how to answer it with common sense–which is in short supply, these days.  –LD

Is There a Life Coach in the House?

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We don’t have a donkey, but it’s not so hard to find an ass.

Today on my computer screen, heaven knows where it came from, was some kind of ad exhorting me to consult a Life Coach to get “attuned to your higher self.” Hey, how many selves have I got?

This is one of those shameful post-Christian things that people get into because they need a substitute for the true religion, Christianity. Oops! Looks like I’ve committed a microaggression there–speaking of my religion as if I believed it to be true. When everyone who’s hip and enlightened knows you’re not supposed to believe the things you believe in. A Life Coach could probably straighten you out.

Whole civilizations have arisen, flourished, and done great things without benefit of even a single Life Coach. I suspect the last twenty years or so contain all the Life Coaches that have ever been. And what we’ve got to show for that, I wouldn’t show to a dog.

Oh, Boy! A New ‘Religion’

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Some people seem not to understand what a religion is, anymore. Any definition that would cover all the world’s religions would be so broad and vague that it wouldn’t apply to any one of them. But even without such a definition, we ought to be able to tell the difference between “religion” and humbug.

The new pseudo-religion of “kopimism” has recently made its way here from Sweden, where genuine religion appears to be in trouble (https://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2012/04/20/kopimism-swedens-pirate-religion-begins-to-plunder-america). Although it’s been recognized as a religion by the Swedish government, critics say it’s nothing but window-dressing for Internet piracy.

Its head honcho, all of 20 years old, explains that kopimism (derived from “copy me”) is the sacred ritual of file-sharing, a ritual that concludes with the words, “copied and seeded.” He explains, “Data is what we are made of, data is what defines our life, and data is how we express ourselves… Information is holy, and that act of copying is holy.” Do you think this guy knows what the word “holy” means? I don’t.

But it’s really cool because it has no deity, so “spiritual” types will really like it. In Sweden it claims some 3,000 members.

As G.K. Chesterton said, when you stop believing in God, you don’t believe in nothing; you’ll believe in anything. And as R.J. Rushdoony observed, those who refuse to serve the real God are condemned to serve false gods.

Presuming that these people are sincere, and not just trying to steal other people’s stuff under cover of religion, what is this but pure idolatry–the worship of things made by human minds and hands?

Our fallen world does not need new religions. It needs Jesus Christ, the only One who can save it, and who is by right its natural Lord, the King of Kings.

Anything else is simply not true.

‘They Want Us to Assimilate With… That?’

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Sweden makes me wonder if there is any limit to liberal insanity.

A “non-governmental LBGT group”–I guess that means Sweden also has government-funded and directed LBGT groups, or there’d be no need to specify–has been handing out brochures–described as “bizarre” and graphic–depicting and recommending all kinds of unwholesome sex acts: handing them out to “any asylum seeker over the age of 15.”

By “asylum seeker” they do not mean persons suffering from a mental illness and wishing to commit themselves to care. No–they mean Muslim migrants, mostly able-bodied men of military age. And 15 is the legal age of consent in Sweden.

Note: I have not linked to a news article because I cannot justify allowing any illustrations from that brochure to appear on this blog. So you can either take my word for the story or, if you really have to, track it down yourself. It shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Anyhoo, we’re talking about angry, hostile, violence-prone young men who come from countries where they throw homosexuals off the roofs of high buildings, and then stone them if they don’t die when they hit the street.

Do you think any of those men, upon viewing the gay porn pamphlets, will want to assimilate with Swedish culture?

They will think they have a duty to destroy it.

Two false religions, secular humanism and Islam, I believe will inevitably be locked in mortal combat.

O Lord Our God, let Jesus Christ Our King, who is the light of the world, guide us through this darkening age.