Harvard: ‘Gender’ Changes Day to Day

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A Harvard degree used to be something you could look up to. Now you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

According to a new Harvard University “fact sheet” (LOL), paid for by university funds (tuition and grants: that is, your money, stupid), a person’s gender can “change day by day.” (http://www.christianpost.com/news/harvard-university-lgbt-fact-sheet-claims-gender-can-change-from-day-to-day-181401/)

Wow, fancy that. Gotta change the Bar Mitzvah. “Today I am a man” must give way to “Today I am whatevuh.”

The “fact sheet” (LMAO) also informs students that such hateful and biggited actions as “misgendering” can “threaten the lives of trans people.” Did you know that?

By the way, the cost of a degree from Harvard, if you can earn it in four years instead of five or six, is more than a quarter of a million smackers ( https://college.harvard.edu/financial-aid/how-aid-works/cost-attendance). That’s according to Harvard itself.

You want to send your kid to Harvard because __________. Go ahead, fill in the blank. We could all use a laugh.

6 comments on “Harvard: ‘Gender’ Changes Day to Day

  1. At the root of all this insanity is Marxism. There’s something about Marxism that seems to prevent rational thinking. Although I don’t discount there’s a spiritual element at work as well. The more they rebel against God’s design and order, the more insane and irrational they seem to become.

  2. Classic. The uninformed becoming the uneducated becoming the indoctrinated. Satan’s dream come true.

  3. Yep, and a

    From a school founded in order to educate clergy. They have left behind any pretense of Godly devotion and worship only the gods of human origin. It is an expensive trap for the unwary, whom are swayed by the supposed prestige of the place. What a scam!

  4. I wonder how many of these people actually believe the nonsense, how many are cynically promoting it in order to gain power, how many are play-acting at believing it because it’s the latest “cool” thing, and how many are intimidated into pretending to believe it. I also wonder how many will have the courage to stand up against it.

    These aren’t rhetorical — or academic, if you’ll pardon the pun — wonderings. I wish there were some way to do an actual study. But of course you’d have to be able to do a Vulcan mind meld on the study subjects in order to find out, since the pretending ones wouldn’t admit to pretending.

    1. Someone, I don’t remember who, once said that the surest way to impose a tyranny and make it stick is to force people to lose their self-respect by saying things they know to be untrue.

      I wonder how many of these people at Harvard have lost their self-respect.

    2. “. . . the surest way to impose a tyranny and make it stick is to force people to lose their self-respect by saying things they know to be untrue.”

      I think that there’s a lot to this. I find it frustrating, even sickening, when I read some of the garbage that is promulgation as truth. Imagine the effect upon the developing minds of young people.

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