‘School “Investigates” 5-Year-Old Girl for Thought Crime’ (2017)

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Could we please, please, please think again about re-opening our public schools?

Why re-consider it? Well, because of incidents like this:

School ‘Investigates’ 5-Year-Old Girl for Thought Crime

The little girl was made the subject of an “investigation”–who do these maggots think they are–because she was slow to recognize and applaud some little boy’s “transitioning” into a phony parody of a girl. This was in California, of course, where else–there, “misgendering” is a crime. They’ll let you go scot-free for robbery, but don’t you dare use the wrong pronoun!

This is what our public schools have been doing, the last few years, and this is what they will go back to doing when we re-open them.

They won’t stop unless we stop them.

‘The New All-Purpose, All-Gender Pronoun’ (2017)

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100% pure crapola

Now that Democrat governors are letting armed robbers, rapists, murderers, and car thieves out of jail so they don’t catch the Chinese Communist Death Virus, lots and lots of prison space has been opened up which can be used to confine the real enemies of the people: mis-genderers.

But what if there were a way to make the Hate Crime of mis-gendering… impossible?

The New, All-Purpose, All-Gender Pronoun

I know, I know–liberals would get downhearted if they thought they’d never be able to imprison people for inane pseudo-crimes invented by totally useless academics. Why even be in government if you can’t jail people for no reason?

But making coherent communication impossible might be just as much fun!

‘The New All-Purpose, All-Gender Pronoun’ (2017)

As the Chinese Wuhan Communist Death Virus ravages the land, Democrats are seeing one of their dreams come true–letting convicted criminals–even murderers–out of jail. They say it’s to protect them from the virus. But in fact, they want all that prison space for people who use the wrong pronouns.

The New, All-Purpose, All-Gender Pronoun

But not to worry–an all-purpose right pronoun, good for all genders, has been invented. There’s no way to spell it, so I have included a video to demonstrate. We all love demonstrations anyway.

Remember–what trannies want, trannies must get.


Twitter Bans ‘Misgendering’

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This stuff bums me out, and I can’t bring myself to illustrate it. Here’s a nice monarch butterfly instead.

I just found out you can get permanently kicked out of Twitter if they find you guilty of “misgendering” or “deadnaming.” Holy cow, I don’t even know what deadnaming is!

OK, I looked it up. “Deadnaming” is calling someone by his or her real name instead of by whatever stupid handle he or she has chosen. For instance… Bruce Jenner, Bruce Jenner, Bruce Jenner! Not “Caitlyn.” There, I’ve done it three times. I did it on purpose. Because it’s the truth.

“Misgendering” is the high crime of referring to some mentally ill person by his or her actual biological sex instead of by whatever sex or gender he or she claims to be. It is an offense to speak the truth.

It humiliates us to be forced to speak inane lies that we know are lies. I’d say the schmendricks at Twitter ought to be heartily ashamed of themselves, but shame is an emotion which leftids are not capable of feeling. Ever.

UK Cops: For Shame!

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Guarding Britain against misgendering!

“I want to be a police officer when I grow up, so I can lock people up for misgendering…”

British police are “investigating” a Catholic journalist for the ridiculous pseudo-crime of “misgendering” a 25-year-old man who says he’s now a woman (https://www.dailysignal.com/2019/03/19/police-question-uk-journalist-for-misgendering-a-transgender-woman/). They’ll arrest her, they say, unless she shows up at the cop shop for “a taped interview.”

Meanwhile, now that the news has come out, her whole family has been threatened and harassed by jidrools who’ve drunk the “transgender” Kool-Aid.

In its campaign to wipe out free speech, and truth, the UK now has a “Malicious Communications Act” which forbids you to say anything but nice things about anyone but Christians. You can get two years in prison for referring to a man as a man if he’s saying he’s a woman.

And I’m my own grandpa.

Hey, how come we never see cases like this on British cop shows? Busting those enemies of the people who call a man a man. Why are they so focused on solving murders?

Uh, because if you made a case like this the subject of a drama, the audience would mistake it for a comedy?

But it isn’t so funny for this Catholic journalist who’s now being harassed, vilified, and persecuted because she wouldn’t play along with the transgender delusion. This woman is being treated as a criminal because she wouldn’t say something that isn’t true.

Shame on Britain. Shame on the British cops for slavishly enforcing this absurd “law” that is an affront to sanity.

And if we don’t watch out, Democrats will be passing such laws for us. They can’t wait to do the same.

Harvard: ‘Gender’ Changes Day to Day

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A Harvard degree used to be something you could look up to. Now you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

According to a new Harvard University “fact sheet” (LOL), paid for by university funds (tuition and grants: that is, your money, stupid), a person’s gender can “change day by day.” (http://www.christianpost.com/news/harvard-university-lgbt-fact-sheet-claims-gender-can-change-from-day-to-day-181401/)

Wow, fancy that. Gotta change the Bar Mitzvah. “Today I am a man” must give way to “Today I am whatevuh.”

The “fact sheet” (LMAO) also informs students that such hateful and biggited actions as “misgendering” can “threaten the lives of trans people.” Did you know that?

By the way, the cost of a degree from Harvard, if you can earn it in four years instead of five or six, is more than a quarter of a million smackers ( https://college.harvard.edu/financial-aid/how-aid-works/cost-attendance). That’s according to Harvard itself.

You want to send your kid to Harvard because __________. Go ahead, fill in the blank. We could all use a laugh.

Physics Teachers Want ‘Pronoun Pins’

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If you still think science is science nowadays, and not just a lot of baccigaloops calling themselves “scientists” while they prattle nonsense, maybe you ought to think again.

The American Assn. of Physics Teachers, soon to gather for their annual Winter Summit, are all set to equip attendees with “pronoun pins” to reduce “instances of misgendering” ( https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=8903 ). Are you getting as tired of this as I am? Because, they say, “Gender can be fluid”–just like their brains, which seem to be leaking out their ears–they must “improve inclusiveness” by recognizing that some men aren’t men and some women aren’t women, and some want to be called “ze/zir/zirs”–

You really want these people teaching? I wouldn’t let them teach a cat to use a litter box.

I only mention it because it’s just more proof, if any more were necessary, that our “education” industry has become a Godless and deluded enterprise and we’d be better off without it. What’s physics worth, if it’s going to be taught by idiots like these? Go on, anybody–show me some evidence that this kind of education produces positive results.

People who love and respect their sons and daughters do not subject them to a public school or university.

The War on Normal People

Hey, here’s a campaign slogan I can really get behind:

Stop the war on normal people!

As opposed to, for instance, the imaginary “war on women” so beloved of liberal politicians, the war on normal people is real and we are sick and tired of it. Our national leaders and bosses wage it ceaselessly. And it’s high time it stopped.

If you work for a living, or even own a business that provides work not only for yourself but for others, too;

If you’re a Christian, as your family has been for untold centuries;

If you abide by the law, mind your own business, don’t require any special favors, don’t march in demonstrations, still have the sex organs you were born with, don’t blame others for every setback and demand the government make it right, with money earned by other people;

If you stay married, and raise your children in the context of a normal family;

If any of that above description applies to you, then watch out–America’s ruling class, along with America’s teacher unions and collidge prefessers  and nooze media types, have declared it open season on you. To whip up support among their favorite voting blocs, they have branded you biggit-hater-homophobic racists (if you happen to be black, the label would be “acting white”) who are at fault for every problem in the world and must be made to pay for it. They find you perpetually guilty of a slew of crimes and sins you may have never even heard of: misgendering, microaggression, or even the ultimate despicable crime of “humanizing the fetus.”

It’s all your fault. You’ve cooked the climate, it’s your fault that Syria’s a hellhole, you’re to blame for the Mexican drug gangs–and our rulers will shout your guilt from the housetops.

Go ahead, tell me this doesn’t happen. Tell me I’m wrong. ‘Cause I sure wish I were.

New York ‘Law’ Makes It a Crime to Speak the Truth

If some new regulation required you to acknowledge some nut as Napoleon because he insists he is Napoleon, you’d probably consider it unjust, not to mention stupid.

Well, in New York City, you can now be fined up to a quarter of a million dollars for referring to some “transgender” wacko by the “wrong” pronoun, or in any other way failing to get on board with his or her delusion ( http://dailycaller.com/2015/12/28/new-york-can-fine-you-250k-for-misgendering-somebody/ ).

Yes! The Democrats running the city into the ground have come up with a brand-new crime: misgendering. “What are you in for?” the armed robber/murderer/car thief asked the new arrival in the prison.  “They busted me for misgendering.” Horrified gasps all around.

So put that one on the shelf along with homophobia, Islamophobia, Climate Change Denial, and all the other new crimes dreamed up by libs ‘n’ progs.

It is their goal to make any conceivable detail of human behavior potentially punishable. That’ll keep us on our toes. When you can never go to bed without some lurking fear of the Thought and Speech Police breaking down your door in the middle of the night, that’s when the libs will be satisfied.

For the record: no matter what surgical mutilations are carried out, no matter what hormones or other chemicals are injected, no matter what anybody says, every cell, every single one of millions and millions, in a male human body remains male. And every cell in a female human body remains female. No matter what they say, no matter what they do.

New York City’s new “law” is a law against reality.