Time Out for Plankton

For those of you who are tired of cat videos and want to see something different; or who are interested in acquiring really tiny little pets; or who just need a break, and a reminder that God’s stuff–plankton, for instance–works the way it’s supposed to–well, here you go. I promised a plankton video and here it is. Consider this a sanity break.

14 comments on “Time Out for Plankton

  1. They’re so graceful and peaceful looking. And the accompanying music was graceful and peaceful too 🙂 Thanks, Lee, and thanks to Unknowable for the suggestion!

  2. That is heartwarming, Linda. Thanks for posting the link.

    As for the plankton, they obviously know when there’s a camera pointed in their direction. What a bunch of little hams! 🙂

    Seriously, that is interesting and they are part of a much larger, and truly crucial process. The Creator’s wisdom is astounding.

    1. And when we consider how tiny they are, it’s astonishing that they constitute the diet of some whales!

    2. Yes it is. Our Creator has a limitless imagination! 🙂
      (Glad you’re managing to find a few minutes to devote here)

    3. It’s really amazing how He created creatures which produce oxygen and had all of that in place before He went on to create other creatures which need that oxygen. This could not have happened by chance, the number of coincidences would have had to been staggering.

  3. This is truly fascinating. It, once again, puts evolutionists to shame. The amazing wisdom and creativity of our God is never-ending with its
    new enlightenment.

    1. Plus they’ve had all those gafillions of years to evolve from plankton to collidge students, and they haven’t made it yet.

    2. Are you sure it isn’t the plankton that’s evolved FROM the collidge students?

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