So You Still Don’t Think the Libs are Crazy?

So it’s come to this–Democrat motormouth Keith Olbermann is calling on foreign intelligence agencies to overthrow the president of the United States.

I hope you don’t mind the commentary by one E.T. Williams, who is probably one of those racists that we hear so much about. He just doesn’t like black people.

Anyhow, here’s Olbermann intoning, “This is the Resistance” and exhorting foreign countries to overthrow our government. Oh, and also “the world’s journalists.” I thought the world’s journalists were already trying to do that. Maybe Keith hasn’t noticed.

All right, Mr. Melonhead–let’s say a bunch of foreign spy networks succeed in ousting our elected president, whatever that might entail. Let’s even say they manage to do it without touching off a civil war. Then what?

Oh, I know, I know! Whoever stages the latest revolution gets to be president for a while, until he’s overthrown by someone else. That model has worked so very well for all the countries that have tried it! I mean, who needs peace, order, stability, a rule of law, prosperity, or personal security?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Democrat Party to disown this guy.

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6 responses to “So You Still Don’t Think the Libs are Crazy?

  • UnKnowable

    These people don’t seem to live in the real world. They don’t know the difference between news and commentary, between news and entertainment.


  • Watchman

    So they want to interfere with the outcome of our election basically. Hypocrisy much? This is what they were up in arms about Russia trying to do, and now they are doing it. I’ve said it before, but the Left wants to completely take over. Lord help us if they ever succeed.

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  • Erlene

    This is such a parallel to the takeover of Germany in the late 1930’s. I was a young kid then, but still remember the rhetoric and discussions around the table at our family get-togethers. Amazing that anyone could be so insane. They spew all this propaganda on TV and I shake my head in disbelief. I never did like Olberman, but he has really done it now. This is insurrection, deserving of severe punishment.
    Prayer has never been more sorely needed. We are watching the crumbling of a once righteous nation, and evil is having a field day.


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