Where Is the Spirit of Churchill?

I can’t bear to write about the surrender-monkey pap that’s pouring out of Britain in the wake of this week’s mass murder of concert-goers in Manchester. To hear the leaders and opinion-shapers talk, it was just some kind of natural calamity that descended on these innocents–certainly nothing done on purpose by wicked individuals carrying out an evil purpose. And absolutely not the end result of their own insane and country-destroying immigration policies!

God be thanked these leaders of today weren’t Britain’s leaders in 1940: the nation would not have survived. If Winston Churchill ever rose before Parliament, during the bombing of London, and prattled about “loving”–without even mentioning Germany!–they’d have carted him off in a straitjacket.

God gives the government, whatever form of government it may be, the authority and duty to protect its people and to punish those who seek to do them harm. If a government will not carry out that duty, it has no reason for existing.

Islamic jihadists are those who murdered the people at the concert. They belong to a primitive subculture of murder and suicide, dedicated to destroying every way of life but their own. They must be defeated. They must be destroyed.

This is what the Western big shots simply will not say, no matter how many of their own countrymen are murdered by the jihad johnnies.

Because no price is too high for you to pay for their self-righteousness.

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  1. If I were ever to become the editor of a dictionary, for the word “hero” I would include a picture of Churchill. He was an essential element in saving the world from having to deal with a European continent dominated by an ideology which practiced murder, eugenics and genocide. He saw it for what it was and took a stand. At first he was ridiculed, but in time he became the Prime Minister, succeeding Chamberlain.

    At the bottom line, they had to defend themselves and Chamberlain’s policies of appeasement came to be seen as wishful thinking. Against great odds, the Battle of Britain was won and the tide of oppression was stopped at the English Channel. After much blood, sweat, toil and tears Europe was finally freed, but at tremendous cost in the precious lives of young soldiers and civilians alike.

    I didn’t appreciate this as a child, but with the added perspective of time and experience, I can see how crucial Churchill truly was to the survival of free and open societies everywhere.

    Now it is happening all again and, apparently, there are those that still favor appeasement. The most recent event killed and maimed children, but apparently some people are so convinced that it can never happen to them that they still are unwilling to speak out against such an act. If another Churchill came along today, he would be accused of hate speech and shouted down.

    Amen, come quickly Lord Jesus.

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