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‘An Appreciation: Churchill’ (2017)

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Imagine a world in which Winston Churchill died in 1931.


Without Churchill, the Third Reich conquers all of Europe. The United States, if we survive at all, endures a state of perpetual siege–unless our own leaders, as so many of Britain’s were willing to do, enter into some kind of “understanding” with the Nazis.

Liberty is fragile. It’s at odds with Original Sin. Only by God’s providence do we have it; only by His providence do we keep it. There’s always someone lusting to take it away from us.

Remember that freedom is the gift of God, and no one has the right to take it from us.

How Badly Are We Losing?

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I’m a story-teller, and I consume other people’s stories. It’s fuel. I need it like a car needs gasoline. So, in addition to reading stories, I watch stories online–movies and TV shows.

Lately it’s become almost impossible to find a show or a miniseries that does not subject the viewer to one or more commercials for homosexuality. Some recent examples:

In Brokenwood, a New Zealand cop show, the best and wisest man in town is, of course, openly “gay” and proud of it. And police officers counsel a lesbian not to break up with her girlfriend, because “love” is love, blah-blah. So no more Brokenwood here.

Murdoch Mysteries (Canadian) recently aired its 200th episode. That’s quite a successful series. The hero, Murdoch, is a devout Catholic and a man of high moral character. But this season they have decided to turn one of the regular characters into a homosexual, for no reason I can see.

In some Irish thing we watched, the loving mother says to her son, “Why don’t you find a nice young man and settle down?” If anyone has ever said this in real life, shame on our species.

And last night, in Father Brown, of all places, we were treated to a budding lesbian romance.

There are more, but enough is enough.

We are losing our culture. Oh! And we’ll lose our republic and our freedom, too, if the schemers and corrupt spies and bent cops who tried to undo the 2016 election and take out our president are not punished so severely, and publicly, that no one ever tries to do it again.

Now is not the time to give in. It’s never time to give in. Here are some things we can do instead of surrendering.

Cling to the cross of Jesus Christ, and to the Bible. It’s God’s word, and it will not return to Him defeated.

Pray several times a day, and keep a store of hymns handy.

Stick together and encourage, comfort, and support each other. Here on this blog, we have a Christian fellowship. Many more of them need to be created. Let’s use this dazzling communications technology to build a truly universal Church.

Never go along to get along. More mischief has been done by that than by any other means that I can think of.

Speak the truth, stand up for it. Too many people change their core beliefs just because they’re told to. We must not.

The enemy’s might does seem overwhelming; but even the weakness of God is stronger than they. The foolishness of God is wiser than men. (1 Corinthians 1: 25) It is required of us to keep the faith.

No one ever faced a more daunting, a more hopeless challenge than Winston Churchill did in 1940. He refused to give in. He refused to be daunted. And when the smoke cleared in 1945, Churchill was still standing and Hitler was dead.

Never give in.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 14 (‘Lessons Not Learned from WW2’)

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You couldn’t give Hitler what he wanted because he wanted everything…

The dynamics of history remain the same, century after century. There’s always some wacko who wants to conquer and rule the world. Today it’s globalists, trying to do by lies and flattery what Hitler and Tojo couldn’t do with all their fleets and armies.

Lessons Not Learned From WW2

Why was Alexander the Great–who was only kept from this venture by his own death–planning to attack and conquer Carthage? And then Italy?

But any globalist will understand his mind-set.

‘The Year Britain Went Mad’ (2014)

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It was probably the last year, the last chance, that World War II could have been avoided–1936. But everything the leaders of Great Britain could have done wrong, they did wrong.


This is sin and folly at its apex. This is Europe practically committing suicide.

There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death (Proverbs 14:12)

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 1 (‘What Did Churchill Fight For?)

I had a hard time writing this column, because the subject matter makes me mad.

I do wish we could somehow exile these schmendricks to an alternative universe where Hitler wins WWII, and let them see how they like it there.


Now They’re Hating Churchill

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A Churchill-themed coffee shop, the Blighty Cafe in Finsbury Park, has been attacked by “Social Justice” protesters who, like their American counterparts, make war on the dead and try to wipe out history (http://metro.co.uk/2018/01/29/winston-churchill-themed-cafe-stormed-by-left-wing-protesters-7270147/).

Fact: Had Winston Churchill not been available to Britain for World War II, there would now be Hitler-themed coffee shops in Britain.

The “protest” was led by some yo-yo who is president of Equality and Liberation at the School of African Studies, London University. She and her 13 followers showed up with scripts, in case they forgot what they were supposed to say. One thing they did say was, “You will never make colonialism palatable.”

Er, excuse me for pointing this out, but the only colonialism seen in Britain nowadays is these self-anointed Social Justice Warriors from foreign countries colonizing Britain.

The owner of the shop invited these idiots “to discuss their concerns” over coffee, but they opted for vandalism and intimidation instead. As usual.

Fact: It was Winston Churchill, standing alone against a ruling class that had surrender to the Nazis on their minds, who saved Britain–and likely all of Europe–from being conquered by Adolf Hitler and his war machine. With Britain occupied or remote-controlled by the Third Reich, there would have been no base for American troops, no D-Day invasion, no reconquest of North Africa… and not much freedom for anyone left around today.

Leftids don’t believe there is anything good about anyone but themselves: and certainly not about anything that ever existed before they came along. They are, quite simply, nihilists. They have nothing to offer.

Britain needs another Churchill, and needs him now.

They Led Their Country Down the Garden Path

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Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin

Well, I’ve been driven indoors by “Let’s get it on, baby, eeee-yow!” or some such thing on my neighbor’s car radio. I was out there reading Alone–the horror story of the run-up to World War II.

It’s a horror story because we can see the same things shaping up today. Led by Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, opposed by Winston Churchill standing all alone, the entire British ruling class–right and left, in and out of power, politicians and intellectuals and noozies, everyone who mattered–insisted on believing in Adolf Hitler’s good intentions, and led their country down the garden path into a near-fatal disaster: World War II. Year after year, day after day, truthful and accurate information poured into Britain from ambassadors, foreign correspondents, and refugees, about what was going on in Germany–and year after year, day after day, Britain’s bigwigs refused to believe a single word of it.

Does this not strike you as eerily familiar? War was coming, doom was coming: and they refused to believe it: no accident that Nazi Germany came very near to winning the war.

I think I’ll watch Jurassic World now… and pray to Almighty God that He spares us another such catastrophe.

An Appreciation: Churchill

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In 1931, while visiting New York, Winston Churchill very nearly died in an auto accident.

Think about that: World War II with no Churchill. I’ve begun to re-read William Manchester’s Alone, the middle volume of his three-book biography of Churchill. It focuses on the run-up to the most catastrophic war in human history–a war which Churchill, practically alone, saw coming, saw the risks involved, and tried to move the Western world to avert calamity.

This maddeningly eccentric man, steeped in the Victorian Age with all its moral standards, all its virtues and its vices, became, at the age of 65–retirement age!–prime minister of Britain in 1940–with France fallen, the Third Reich triumphant everywhere, Stalin allied with Hitler, and the British army, minus all its heavy equipment, just barely saved from extinction by its mass evacuation at Dunkirk.

Think of a world without Churchill. Who else could have rallied Britain to fight on? Who else could have given the speeches, made the decisions, absorbed the punishment, and not only preserved his country, but led it to victory against a force that will be remembered forever as the most evil, ruthless power ever to arise in Europe? Who else could have survived a decade of political isolation, enmity, mockery, and massive disbelief of everything he said?

Churchill’s career reminds me of how a classical Japanese smith makes a peerless sword. He starts with a heap of scrap iron that no one else wants, melts and hammers it into a single rod, then folds it back upon itself and hammers it out again. Then folds, hammers, folds, hammers, over and over again, so that the steel will be in microscopically thin layers–hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of them. Heat, fold, and hammer. Heat, fold, and hammer. And at the end, much later, the product is a perfect sword that can cut through almost anything.

In Churchill’s case the smith was God, and all that folding and hammering was God’s way of forging one man into an instrument that would preserve an entire civilization. The work took many years, but God is patient.


Where Is the Spirit of Churchill?

I can’t bear to write about the surrender-monkey pap that’s pouring out of Britain in the wake of this week’s mass murder of concert-goers in Manchester. To hear the leaders and opinion-shapers talk, it was just some kind of natural calamity that descended on these innocents–certainly nothing done on purpose by wicked individuals carrying out an evil purpose. And absolutely not the end result of their own insane and country-destroying immigration policies!

God be thanked these leaders of today weren’t Britain’s leaders in 1940: the nation would not have survived. If Winston Churchill ever rose before Parliament, during the bombing of London, and prattled about “loving”–without even mentioning Germany!–they’d have carted him off in a straitjacket.

God gives the government, whatever form of government it may be, the authority and duty to protect its people and to punish those who seek to do them harm. If a government will not carry out that duty, it has no reason for existing.

Islamic jihadists are those who murdered the people at the concert. They belong to a primitive subculture of murder and suicide, dedicated to destroying every way of life but their own. They must be defeated. They must be destroyed.

This is what the Western big shots simply will not say, no matter how many of their own countrymen are murdered by the jihad johnnies.

Because no price is too high for you to pay for their self-righteousness.

Why I Write ‘Memory Lane’

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Some say I live in the past. Guilty, your honor, but with an excuse: it’s nicer there.

In fact, I have an even better reason.

The past is full of proof, undeniable proof, that we can do all sorts of different things better than we’re doing them now. It’s true that I don’t write about what was bad in those days. I focus on what was good, and what was better than it is now.

Because, dagnab it, if we did it well once, we can do it well again!

The good parts of the past are signposts to a better future. We do not have to live with the trash that’s poured on us every day and night, these days.

Winston Churchill was described, in his lifetime, as a man from the past, a Victorian relic, no place for him in the exciting world of 1940. But this was the man who came galloping out of the past to save his country, chosen by God for that purpose, when no one else could do it. Without this man from the past, his country might not have had a future.

And we remember sweet things because their sweetness is good in and of itself, and our loved ones because we love them still.

And we do not have to accept “the way things are.”

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