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CNN Demonstrates How to Be a Pot-Head

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One of the tiresome aspects of my youth was that most of my friends became pot-heads. It made their conversation very tedious to listen to, and gave me a closer acquaintance with pot-smokers than I ever wanted.

And now we’ve had a CNN “reporter,” as part of the nooze network’s New Year’s Eve show, demonstrating how to use a bong.( http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/01/video-cnn-reporter-holds-joints-lights-bong-pot-smoker-live-new-years-eve-broadcast/)    If you don’t know what a bong is, lucky you. It’s a device for smoking pot, leading to a steady flow of idiotic statements delivered in either a portentous, oracular tone or else with lots of giggling.

Has “journalism” truly come to this? Yeah, it has.

A nation of pot-heads would be pretty easy to rule. Our leaders can do anything they want, and a perpetually stoned public will never notice. Believe me, I know pot-heads.

At least it will be totally compatible with a modern college education.

Candidate Body-Slams Noozie–and Wins Election

Still no actual video, but here’s the audio…

Okay, 70% of the vote had already been cast when Republican candidate Greg Gianforte ran out of patience with a reporter from the British left-wing newspaper, The Guardian, and allegedly body-slammed him (http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/montana-gianforte-body-slammed-reporter-late-night-1007995). I haven’t found any video of the incident.

In Montana’s special Congressional election, Gianforte won with 50% of the vote, the Democrat getting only 43%. It would have been an even bigger blowout if not for a Libertarian joke candidate siphoning off another 5%.

Gianforte has been charged with a misdemeanor assault. Meanwhile, noozies and late-night “comics” have been beating their breasts over the incident and trying to blame it all on Donald Trump in particular and Republicans in general. They need to get out more. Try walking across the Berkeley campus with a Trump button on your lapel and see if you can make it.

They’re also flummoxed by the public’s sudden (as they see it) lack of love, honor, and respect for their profession, laughingly known as “journalism.” They should watch British TV shows and movies. If you can find one, just one, example of “journalists” being portrayed as anything better than a swarm of noisy buzzing blowflies, then you’ve found something rare indeed.

Yes, noozies–we regular people distrust you, find you annoying, consider you profoundly dishonest, and, on the whole, despise you. We know you’re hand in glove with left-wing politicians who hate us, consider us “deplorables,” and want to pull the country out from under us. We know what you’re up to!

And if you really, truly expect us to be upset because someone body-slammed one of you, you’ve got more screws loose than we thought.

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