Too Gross Even for Satanists

Note: this is not a satire.

The “Church” of Satan has disavowed CNN unfunny comic Kathy Griffin’s ha-ha sham beheading of President Donald Trump (

I will not post that image here. If you want to see it, go to the Drudge Report.

So this little “comedy” stunt was a bit too revolting even for Satanists. Can you dig it? The Democrats are so far off the deep end, they’re even losing the Satanists.

The “comic” has issued the usual boilerplate apology for her actions, claiming she’s not a violent person.

Uh… yes you are. You just proved it.

Do they honestly, truly believe they’re going to win over the hearts and minds of normal people–when they can’t even win the Satanists!–with behavior like this? With riots, threats, actual violence, crazy language, and all the rest of the garbage in their bag of tricks? “Wow! The picture of Kathy holding up the bloody severed head of Donald Trump sure has convinced me that I should’ve voted for Hillary! I can’t wait for the next election! You can bet I’ll be voting Democrat!” Is that how liberals think it works? Because they sure are acting like they think this is the way to charm America.

They must never, never, never be permitted to take power in America, ever again. Never again.

Because they are telling us who they really are and what they’d like to do to us, if they ever get the chance.

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5 responses to “Too Gross Even for Satanists

  • Linda Sorci

    Hollywood seems to produce idiots by the bushel basket full:

    How could they think any sane person would actually want someone these moronic ‘entertainers’ support making decisions for the entire country?


    • leeduigon

      And this from Mr. F-bomb! Does he not understand that what he’s really saying is, “Oh, if only Hillary Clinton were our president!” Where was he for 8 years of Obama? Oops, excuse me–that wasn’t comedy, but tragedy.


  • Phoebe

    Ann Coulter sometimes exaggerates for effect, but I think she really nailed the Satanic nature of leftism in her book “Demonic.” The growing violence on the left these days really is taking on an aura of an act worship on the part of the participants.

    The Satanists who went on record as deploring Kathy Griffin’s disgusting display are probably the kind who play-act at Satanism rather than being genuine Satanists — or else they’re annoyed that someone blew their cover, the way CAIR sometimes distances itself from an Islamic attack that’s threatening to expose a jihadist mosque.


    • Watchman

      This is true of the Satanic Temple. Despite their name, they don’t even believe in the supernatural. But everything that is going on in the world today mirrors what is happening in the spiritual realm. Without understanding this, most people have no concept to what is really going on.


    • leeduigon

      If you’re gonna play-act at being Satanists, you might as well be Satanists. I doubt the Judge will recognize the difference.


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