A Salute to the Nooze Media

To: All staff and personnel at The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and other assorted nooze media

Re: James Comey hearings

In which it becomes apparent even to you–well, maybe not to you, but surely to everybody else–that President Trump is not, and has not been, under investigation, and that neither Comey nor anyone else has found any evidence that “the Russians stole the election from Hillary.”

You have been telling lies.

And here is your reward.

3 comments on “A Salute to the Nooze Media

  1. You should see the BBC.com page. They make it sound as if Trump was impugned. Some Democratic senator wants to start impeachment proceedings. This is unreal. From what I could tell, Comey put the whole thing to rest and that should be the end of it.

  2. In addition, Comey admitted under oath to be one of the leakers. That really is no surprise, and could be why he wouldn’t commit to investigate leaks.

  3. Actually, much of what Comey said was so deliberately (I’m certain) amorphous, ambiguous, and insinuating that anyone can interpret it any way one wants. A very Iago-like performance all around — including the “leaks.”

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