Yiu Has got To Sleeep With Trans Peple!

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[Warning: a bit more revolting than usual. But that’s our culture.]

Hear at Collidge we “are” goin to Hit Trans Phobbia good “and” Hard! Thare “is” a Trans bloger she ze? reely sayed it When xe sayed and i qote, “”Not being Attracted to trans peple it is deeeply Trans Phobbic”” (http://www.dailywire.com/news/17419/apparently-youre-deeply-transphobic-if-you-dont-amanda-prestigiacomo)!!

Wel us Interllecturals we al say “it” is a biggit Hat Crime not to sleeep With Trans peple and So we revolve To Do Somthinge abote it!! Wee are Settin “up a” Cammitty that Wil deside who yiu goin To sleeep With! And aslo the cammitty it “wil” deside whoo yure Frends are and it wil Pick Them for yiu!!! Thiss is neseccary becose peple thay is All Biggits at harte and thay is Not Diverss enuohgh in Thare Frend Ships!!!

I amb not Trans Phobbic in Facked i amb deeeply Atractored to Trans Peple! I amb tryin to be Trans tooo and That is “wy” i “get” shoot Up whith al them Moth Hormoans only al it done “so Far” is jist To make thees Moth Antenners groan out of my Fourhead and aslo make Me “wantt” To Eat sox and Hankerchiffs!! Aslo i ait a peece of a Carpit once but It was awful Diffaclut to chewe! So i willlin to sleeep With any Trans Parson iff thay wuld “jist give” me a Chanse!! Al them peple whoo thay Wont have “Secks” with me thay are Biggits tooo!

Yiu see Now that ordrinary dum Peple thay are “tooo” stopid to chews thare owen Frends and Secks Pratners that “is” wy Us Smart Interllecturals we has got to “do” it four them!!!

And that wil leed To troue Socile Jutstus!!!!

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  1. Years ago, I read a Sci Fi book about the Air Force of the future with sub orbital airplanes, etc. One subplot of the book was that Air Force personnel were assigned “partners” randomly to keep them from sorting emotional attachments. It was laughable when I read it, about 35 years ago, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone made it a serious suggestion in our present day.

    Having been raised according to biblical morality, I have come to appreciate more and more just what an advantage this has been to me. It hasn’t always been easy, especially when I was in my twenties and seeing others in my age group that seemed to be having the time of there lives, albeit immorally. However, with the perspective of experience, I realize that the freedoms others claimed were not a positive thing. Disease, frustration, and all sorts of negative fruitage can come from living immorally.

    There is, however, another aspect to this, and that deals with our very core identity. A series of encounters, without any emotional bond whatsoever strikes me as being contrary to our nature. A few years ago, there was a documentary made based on interviews with people that had been in pornographic movies and what there lives were like after they left their careers. Many of the people they interviewed struck me as very cold, unfeeling, even calloused. A few seemed happy, but most of them struck me as self-centered and harsh. I have to wonder if this is a result of reducing life’s most intimate and emotional act to something merely physical.

    The article at dailywire.com strikes me similarly. There seems to be no room in the minds of some of these people for emotion of any sort; it’s all just physical. They are welcome to it.

    1. Uh, I interviewed, a few years ago, a jidrool at the Ontario Human Rights (LOL) Commission who actually suggested that government ought to have a say in whom you choose for friends–because people choosing their own friends, why, they’re not diverse enough! They keep on choosing people they like, blah-blah.

      There is no idea so stupid, so crass, so absurd, that some liberal hasn’t already suggested it.

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