Idiot of the Year

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Obviously hoping to make himself the early front-runner in the 2020 Democrat Presidential sweepstakes, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe vaulted into the lead this week with this immortal piece of wisdom:

“We lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence” (


McAuliffe had no problem adding up big numbers when he was a bagman in the Clinton crime family. We are told he meant to say “93,” period; but twice it came out “93 million.” But no one asked him how many states are in the United States. The former Democrat occupier of the White House thought there might be 57. Maybe Terry-boy thinks there are thousands of them scattered throughout the galaxy. At the very least, this would make him an ideal running mate for Jerry Brown.

Let’s see… 93 million a day, seven days a week…that’s about 650 million of us per week. I don’t see how we make it through the month, let alone till next Election Day.

It is the liberals’ position that every liberal is smarter than the smartest conservative. I guess this proves it.

When they’re not trying to kill us or scare us into silence, they just dazzle us with their brilliance.

6 comments on “Idiot of the Year

  1. Yeah, brilliance indeed. Like in sequins, glitter (which has to be swept up
    after it makes a mess falling to the floor) Any more brilliance like this, and
    we will be too busy cleaning up messes to do anything else.

  2. Hmm yea, that number sounds a bit skewed to me, but guess how many babies have been killed since Roe v Wade. This is why I can never take these guys seriously when they feign concern about lives lost to gun violence.

  3. I wonder how many miles away he thinks the sun to be.

    This is an era of true nonsense. Joel Richardson recently posted a video debunking the Flat Earth theory on his website. His concern is that people were attempting to meld this into Christianity and being deceived. People are abandoning reason for myths and fairy tales.

    So, when I hear foolish, irresponsible talk such as your example from Terry McAuliffe it doesn’t particularly surprise me. Many people today are immune to facts. This was probably a slip of the tongue, but it happened twice which tells me that either the guy is suffering neurological problems or, more likely, he’s not particularly cautious in his speech. Whatever the cause, I can’t help but conclude that there’s a serious problem at the core of this.

    1. Strong delusion and their own blithering puffery, knowing they can say and do anything without consequence has been their standard operating procedure. With Hil-liary’s loss, and congressional seats as well, one would suppose they would rethink their tactics. But not the libs. Idiocy is too kind a descriptive. Deviousness and evil are at the root.

      And speaking of idiocy, deviousness and evil, this will probably be coming to a city near all of us soon:

      Come, Lord Jesus! – and in the meantime, protect us from all evil – both from the spiritual realm and the physical realm. Amen.

  4. Lee, your final sentence (“When they’re not trying to kill us or scare us into silence, they just dazzle us with their brilliance.”) reminded me of a joke we used to tell in the Air Force: “if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with B.S.”

    McAuliffe obviously chose option 2. 🙂

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