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‘Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus’

I’ve got the dentist this morning, affectionately known to his patients as “Vlad the Impaler,” my state’s new Democrat governor has announced his plan to turn this into a “super-sanctuary state” for all illegal aliens, and a happy hunting ground for their street gangs,  and then I received some very sad news from a friend–all in all, Erlene’s suggested hymn for the day, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, could hardly come at a better time. This one’s sung by Alan Jackson.

‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’

This is a beautiful rendition by Alan Jackson: brings a tear to my eye. Sweet Hour of Prayer was one of the hymns my mother used to play on the record player as she did her housework. I’d hear it at Grandma’s house, too, from time to time. These loving memories stir my soul; and just at this moment I don’t think it’d be wise to try to talk about them out loud. Thank you, Mr. Jackson.

‘Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus’

We had two hymn suggestions this morning, and I couldn’t decide between them, so I’ve posted them both. This one’s from Erlene: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. I hope you like Alan Jackson’s rendition, plus beautiful photography rejoicing in God’s handiwork.

A Hymn to Soothe a Freaked-Out Heart

We’re back from the vet’s. Robbie freaked out in the car. She wasn’t the only one. I decided I’d better pray: and this was the hymn I whistled, as loud as I could, the rest of the way there–What a Friend We Have in Jesus, here sung by Alan Jackson. This is the hymn that got me there with my eyeballs still in my head.

My baby had her blood taken for analysis, and received a thorough hands-on exam. The vet says the most likely culprit for Robbie’s condition is hyper-thyroid. There are other much grimmer possibilities, but she didn’t see any signs pointing to any of them. The blood work will be ready tomorrow afternoon.

I’m kind of wrung out by now, and I need to get outdoors and air out my brain.

‘I Love to Tell the Story’ (Alan Jackson)

Every word is clear, every note is pure, in Alan Jackson’s rendition of this well-loved old hymn, I Love to Tell the Story. Brings back fond memories of Sunday school. But the best thing about these old hymns is that they aren’t just memories–they’re still here today. Even as God is always here.

Encore, ‘There’s a Power in the Blood’

Erlene suggested this hymn to start the day, and I hope you all don’t mind if I go again with this rendition by Alan Jackson–not ordinarily my kind of music, but this I like: There’s a Power in the Blood.

By Request, ‘Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus’

Sweet and gentle, soothing to the soul–Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, performed by Alan Jackson. Thank you, Erlene, for suggesting it.

The rest of you–well, hey, the hymn shop’s always open. See your favorite hymns posted here: all you have to do is ask.

Hymn, ‘I Love to Tell the Story’

Ordinarily I’m not one for cowboy hats and guitars; but this rendition of I Love to Tell the Story by Alan Jackson really is quite beautiful, and it has touched my heart.

I know I repeat myself a lot, with the hymns that I select myself. But I wouldn’t be doing that so much if more readers requested hymns that they would like to hear. Lee’s Hymn Shop is open to all: just post any request in “leave a comment,” under any other post. I’ll see it.

‘Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus’

It’s not often I start the day with two hymns, not one.

But if there ever was a time when the Lord’s people ought to assert His Kingship and His crown rights over all creation, that time is now. You bet.

So, thanks, Erlene, for suggesting this piece of gospel music.

By Request, ‘There Is Power in the Blood’

Joyce, you asked for it and here it is: this rendition by Alan Jackson. I’d also like to hear Johnny Cash perform this song, but that I couldn’t find.

There is a lot of Christian music out there, and it doesn’t have to be published in a hymnal for me to post it here. It’s all to do with making a joyful noise unto the Lord.

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