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Thay shuld Give yiu yore Monney back For Dead chrismis Trees!!

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I whish Calaffornye wuld Get Biggger so our Collidge “culd” be “in” it!! Becose thay doo things Rihght in Calaffornye!!

Thare was this lady she buyed A chrismis Tree at Cost Co and then It dyed so she taked “it back” to The stoar and sayed thay shuld Give her her Monney back becose the chrismis Tree it dyed! (http://www.sfgate.com/technology/article/Woman-returns-Christmas-tree-to-Costco-because-12491223.php) And yiu know Wat thay done?? thay gaved her her Monney!That “is” how thay dose it “In” Callaffornye!!

i think ore Collidge is in Illanoise or maybbe Onterryo i forget witch! Wye cant Thay make Callofornyer bigger so Our college it “culd” be in thare???

Like whoo did them Dirty Captilists think thay was to be seling That lady “this” no good Tree that dyed affter she “put” it up for chrismis?? But thay are Not the ownly ones!! Hear at Collidge thay put “a” chrismis tree in one of “the” Dormes and it was lovly i seen it; for Ornimints thay had Con-doms and Izlambic stuff whith a buitifull Hillery Angle on top of “it” and that tree it turnt All “brown” becose it Dyed tooo and it Evin catched on Fire when thay tryed to Deckarate it whith a Joint of Marawana!!! Thay was “Luckie” the hole Dorme it didnt Burn Down!!!!

It jist gose to Show yiu captilism it is Bad and yiu cant Truss no captilisks becose thay awlyays treying to Cheet yiu!! That is wye Us “who is” Socile Jutstus Wirers wee cant nevvir take no Day Off!!

Self-Esteem Board Games for Collidge Types

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Winter Festival games for the collidge student in your family!

The bad thing about games is that somebody wins. That’s so racist. Imagine snowflakes trying to play Monopoly. No, it just won’t do. Give gifts commensurate with a modern collidge eddication! Games that pump up their self-esteem. Like these.

Everybody Wins! In this board game, there’s only one square and players sit on it forever with nowhere else to go. With every turn, each player gets a $500 bill and a “You’re Fantastic!” card. Each card comes with an uplifting message–“You’re a winner,” “You’re so smart,” “Good job,” “You’ve aced your Graphic Novels 101 exam,” etc.

Take a Knee is a simulated football game in which players kneel and make rude noises whenever the National Anthem is played. You don’t have to know anything about football, because the football game in Take a Knee never actually starts. Any show of disdain for America earns all players, all at once, 50 Social Justice Points. That way, everyone finishes with exactly the same score.

You’re always a winner when you play Self-Identify, the game of defining reality to suit yourself. Just throw the dice and declare “I am now a woman,” “I am the president of my college,” “I am the Sultan of Swat,” or whatever else pops into your head, and the other players joyfully affirm your declaration.

Antifa Roulette casts players as Social Justice Warriors. Spin the Wheel of Combating Fascism and move your piece to whatever square is indicated by the arrow–Savings Bank, Dollar Store, Auditorium, and others–and announce a Protest. All the other players immediately move to that square, at which point the building is burned down and it’s the next player’s turn. Great fun to play while wearing ski masks! The game ends, and everybody wins, when the entire Town Board lies in ruins.

Once these catch on, there will surely be more to come. Watch your favorite student’s eyes light up when ze finds one of these with xer name on it waiting under the Gender Tree!


Fihght Fobo-Fobiah!

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I amb hear to-day to tell yiu abote “a new” promble that enfects Socile Jutstus Wirers! it is caled Fobo-Fobiah and “it” meens “”Feer of Al Them Fobiahs” that Biggits got like Homo Fobiah and Trans Fobiah and Xena Fobiah and aslo Islomb-O-Fobiah!!

if yiu “has” Fobo-Fobiah it meens yiu “Are Affrayed” of al them Biggits so bad yiu Cant do nothing!! Evin playing with Playdoh it dosnt help! Yiu jist “Sort Of” crumbble up “in” a balll and wine al the Time!! This moning wee heared a lexture Abote “it” frumb one of the prefessers he is in Auntyfa so he “had” a Massk on and i wuld “ware” a maks too Only it “herts” my Moth Antenners wen i pul “it Down” over my fase and thay “get” Al Bent Up!!!

And So wee “now” deemand the Collidge thay Give Us spatial treetmint to Combatt that thare Fobo-Fobiah so we can “Keep On” being Socile Jutstus Wirers and Not jist wine al day And nihght!!! This hear Prefesser he sayed We Wont “rest untill” evry Stodent hear sines A Plejj that Xe wil alyaws Be a Socile Jutstus Wirer and ennyboddy who wont sine it And Say It! in frunt of evryboddy thay wil be lockeded Up and has Sensertivvity Traning untill thay do!!

Like the prefesser sayed It “is The” deuty of all Collidges and Unaverstyes to trane Socile Jutstus Wirers to leed The Revilutoin and aslo Fudnementerly Trans-Formb Amaricka!!!!

I Amb redy For Halaweeen!!

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Wel tonite “is” Halaweeen and Tomarrow it is Laber Day and us Interllecturals and Socile Jutstus Wirers we Are redy for it!!

I hasnt got anny Cotstomb becose i alredy got My Moth Antenners from al themb Moth Hoarmoans thay shute me up with and aslo i culdnt Think “of” an cotstomb that didnt Have “no” Cultcheral Apropation it Is jist tarrable wen yiu apropates some Poor Minorty’s cultcher so yiu Cant dres Up “as” a Which Docter or nothin!! butt it dont Mater becose We “Are” going to doo a spatial Kind “of” Trick Or Treeting!

This Halaween Nite my frends And Me wee are “going” “to” Ockupie al them stoares Downtown in Town al them No Good Captilist Bisnissmans and make Them Pay off ore Stodent Debtt!!!! that is reel Socile Jutstus!! Yiu seee we “are” Doin stopid lowsy Americka a Big Fayver jist bye Us goin to Collidge and no whay We has Got “to” pay four It our selfs!! Thay has alredy maked Enuhgh monny and Now thay got to pay!!! We wil Not go awway untill “thay” Pays it ether!!!

And then some Racist Biggit she come allong “and” she sayed we al stopid and Halaweeen it Isnt To’nite so somboddy in Auntyfa thay jist beet her Up and that wil ficks her and Her Whyte Prifflidge!!!

More on God’s Sovereignty

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Chris Ortiz has written a Chalcedon editorial, Christian Reconstruction vs. “Social Justice Warriors” (https://chalcedon.edu/blog/christian-reconstruction-vs-social-justice-warriors), which highlights the need for, and the duty of Christians to proclaim “a clear message of the sovereignty of God against all forms of sovereignty sought by man.”

The importance of this message speaks for itself. Are we to live under the sovereign lordship of an almighty and all-righteous God, or under the cobbled-together pipe dreams of flawed, sinful, and self-deluded human beings?

If you’re having trouble making that choice, take another look at what’s going on in our streets and on our college campuses; and while you’re at it, bone up on 20th century history.

A Rift within Organized Sodomy

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Okay, folks, you asked for it. Hear now the news.

At this week’s D.C. “Pride” Parade (https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/activists-say-capital-pride-overtaken-by-corporations-and-rich-gay-men/2017/06/08/73a8567c-4ae2-11e7-884a-930f9cd77076_story.html?utm_term=.6ceb60b39ba2), the fabric of organized sodomy developed an unexpected laceration.

A group calling itself NoJusticeNoPride sharply chastised “rich gays” in the LBGT movement for their “collusion with systems of oppression,” blah-blah, and accused them of “sullying the history of LGBT activism.” Although if you can think of a way to sully that, you deserve a medal.

Social Justice Warriors, hot dog! They believe it’s immoral to make a profit, and immoral to be rich. That’s what they learned in collidge.

And so the Left begins to devour its own (I borrowed this phrase from our esteemed colleague, “jessicafischerqueen”). I hope they have a good appetite.

They Need a Jolly Good Thrashing

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So who said collidge kids are unemployable?

The University of Arizona–your tax dollars at work, fellow peasants!–is paying students $10 an hour to be “social justice advocates” on campus ( http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/may/10/university-arizona-paying-students-be-social-justi/).

What does that job entail?

Idiots–er, students–will be busy “instituting monthly programmatic efforts within the residence halls that focus specifically on social justice issues,” hanging posters all over the dorms, and setting up “social justice events.” With any luck, you will never find out what a “social justice event” actually is.

These paid Social Justice Warriors will also be changed with “reporting bias incidents” and “confronting diversity insensitive behavior.” They will engage in “critical reflection of power and privilege, identity and intersectionality–” what? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Stop, stop, I can’t write about this anymore. I need a nose to punch! I need a Social Justice Warrior to put into an armlock and make him yell “Long live Donald Trump!” I mean, could these people, with the most earnest effort in the world, possibly do anything at all to make themselves even more obnoxious than they are?

I very much doubt it.

What’ll We Do With Millenials?

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We have a gigantic social problem looming over our country.

What are we to do with millenials?

Recent college graduates, tens of thousands of them, with their whole lives yet to live–can’t hold jobs, can’t tolerate even the most trivial adversity, saturated with an ideology that is opposed to everything America stands for, unable to relate to people as individuals but only as representatives of this or that group, guaranteed and certified 100% useless–what in the world are we supposed to do with them?

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the company of teens and tweens, provided they haven’t been turned upside-down and inside-out by our culture and our schools. I wish I had more of you guys visiting this blog, to pep it up a little.

No, I’m talking about young people with degrees in Gender Studies and Social Justice, burdened by a load of student debt, who go stampeding for the Play-Doh and the Safe Space at the first little hitch in life that comes along, who want a participation trophy just for breathing. You can’t talk to them without triggering a trauma. And if you can imagine them trying to bring up children of their own, you have a more vivid imagination than I do.

So what are we supposed to do with them? They won’t be able to support themselves. Imagine hiring Joe Collidge to do anything more complex than sweep the floor.

I wish I knew the answer to that question.

A Interllectural He Says Whatt to Doo Abuot Our Nattinal Parks Being Racist

I am hear by poplar deemand today to tel yiu whatt Us interllecturals say whe got to do abuot Our nachonal parks being Racist. Acturely i dont thinke that stopid dop lee he had a bad ideer abot sayin Our innard cittys ouhgjt to be caled Natonal parks that wuld be grate But we got to doo somthing abuot them parkes we alreddy has so that Minorites wil feeel wellcom in them. And aslo get ridd of too much wite peple. So Okay hear’s waht we do.

One, blow up all them wite mail racist heads on Mont Rush More and thay shuld aslo chang the nayme becose thare shuldnt be no monttin naymed after that Big fat Racist Rushh Limbo, thay mustt get rid of al them Wite heads and replase them with Black heads Our Beloved Presdint O’Bomma and His wyfe The First Laddy and aslo Opera Windfree and May be Beyondsay becose Her musick its so grate.

Too, Go inta al the other Parks “and” hang up Speekers on al the Trees and them speekers thay wil Play Rap Musick reel loud! Play it 25-7!

Threee, evry Park it shuld got to have Stores ware the peple can by Lottry tickits and aslo Thay “can” loot the stores anytime thay Want.

And fore, git rid “of” al them Park Rangers becose thay way tooo much like The Polise and nachrally Minorites thay skared the Rangers thay wil shooot them.

Yiu kno waht? them Minorites thay are Luckky that us Interllecturals we are arond to think Up al theese things for them that is becose Whe are alyas the “Friends of” the Opresed and whe are Socail Justiss Worriers whoo fihgjt for there rihghts and we “Make Sure” their is plente of Divversigty and any boddy who is Not diversst thay shuld be shot!!

I Am A Socail Justise Warier!

I has becume a Socail Justise Warier! and Let me tell you it istnt Easy! But al us interllecturals who is in Gender Studies we “got” to sine a Othe plejjing ourselfs to be Socail Justise Wariers and so I done it.

Now tooday the biggest Cause of Socail Justise it is Trans Gender Rihgjts so I put on a Dress that i borred from my prefesser’s Partnor and i went into the Wimmens Bathroom in one of the Dorms hear at the collidge and i set downe on the Urrinle. And than this hear Coed she come in and she seen me and she strated screemin Its a Monster, Yeow, a Monster!

Now i aks yiu, what for did she doo that? but Then i lookd in the mirrer and i reelized why she got so scared, it was my Moth Antenners that done it, they growin out of my fourhead and some peple thay think it looks weerd and scary, so thats what done it, thats whiy she thuhgjt i Was a Monster.

So now yiu seee how it can be hardd to be a Socail Justise Warier becose a Lot of ordinary dum peple thay dont unnerstand and i gess This Coed she didnt kno abuot this expearmint i am in, thay shootin me up with Moth Hormoans to try to get my Cromosomes to chanje from Male to Femail and we wil al “get” a Noble Priz for doing that. Wel nobboddy sayed bean a Socail Justise Warier it wuld be Easy! Good thing That Coed she didnt seee me eeting a pare of Jim sox erlier that wuld of reely scared her!

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