I Just Can’t Get Used to It

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I don’t suppose I’ll ever get used to hearing people assert that sexual gratification, in whatever form it takes, is the supreme virtue. I hear it a lot, but can’t get used to it.

This is the legacy of my generation, the Baby Boomers, the rock-heads who made the Sixties rock. This is what we’ve left to mark our passing: a whole collection of “rights” to abortion, public lewdness, sodomy, sexual mutilation, adultery, “transgender” whatever–with quite a lot of drug use thrown in. This is what we picked up in college in 1969. We brought it out with us, and now the world’s rotten with it.

It doesn’t stop there, although “there” is surely bad enough. As Our Lord Jesus Christ warned us, if we remain faithful to Him, the world will hate us for His sake. And it does. That, too, is hard to get used to–being hated and reviled for remaining true to moral laws and standards handed down by God and unchanged for thousands of years. But many of my generation have learned to cast away, in an instant, anything they might have been raised to believe in. Most of us want to be cool. We crave the world’s approval. This, too, we learned in school and college, and from television.

So we pray to God to intervene in history, and save us, and revive us, once again, and to make us strong to endure throughout this evil age. This fallen world has passed through worse. The two world wars were worse. By God’s grace, and according to Christ’s promise, His church is still here.

May He find us at our posts when He returns.

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  1. One thing that has always puzzled me is the willingness of mature, seemingly sensible people whom will abandon the values of their youth and coming to embrace the immorality which has gained traction in our society.

    The moral laws of the Bible aren’t some whim of God designed to restrict us. These moral laws reflect reality. We can break these laws, but we can’t escape the consequences of our actions. The Sexual Revolution of the ’60s & ’70s gave us an epeidemic of Herpes, HIV and HPV (which may be entirely asymptomatic but can become the root cause of various cancers).

    Contraception and barrier protection can reduce immediate physical risks, but these do not protect from the emotional toll of immorality. Just look at the world around us and you can see the effects. Families are all but obsolete in some places. The economy suffers when the family breaks down, so does every other element of society.

    The worst thing is the effect upon children. When children observe their parents go from partner to partner their sense of family security is greatly damaged. I’ve read that a promiscuous mother can be devastating to the emotional development of a young woman. I’ve met more than one woman raised in such an environment and in every case, they were negatively affected, sometimes to a profound degree.

    The moral laws of the Bible protect us.

  2. What an eerie picture accompanying this article, Lee. Indeed, the legacy of the baby boomers has left our children with utter confusion – as to sexual appropriateness, abortion on demand, and even an inability to determine gender using physical attributes as a guide. This is the inescapable result of removing God from His own creation. Such hubris is astonishing.

  3. I hadn’t taken note of the picture until you pointed it out, but I certainly agree. Our societal landscape has become just that bleak of late.

  4. “As Our Lord Jesus Christ warned us, if we remain faithful to Him, the world will hate us for His sake. And it does. That, too, is hard to get used to”

    For sure, the culture has changed drastically in a relatively short period of time. At times ,I feel like an alien in my own country. Daniel 9:26 says the end will come like a flood. This implies to me that things will change quickly as we approach the end of this age, and the end will come about very sudden. This would certainly describe the times we live in.

    1. Were you ever a Boy Scout, Watchman? If so, you can consider your “good deed” as being done for today. 🙂

      I’ve been a bit discouraged recently. It seems as if world events are quite bad, but the promised deliverance remains out of reach. It seems like Gog of Magog is shaping before our eyes, but at times it seems painfully slow. But we know from scripture that events will be sudden once God acts to intervene.

    2. I’ve often said that God’s stories all have happy endings, but we’re still living in chapter two. Fortunately, those of us who know Scripture and believe in the name of the Lord have managed to read the final chapter before the secularists glued the pages together. (So to speak.)

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