Dems: *Must* Have ‘Trans’ in the Military!

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So this is the Democrat Party that babbles about how it’s going to reach out to regular Americans who don’t belong to far-left wacko subcultures. They’re going to wage culture war for the high and noble cause of allowing “transgendered persons”–that is, intensely disturbed individuals who have had themselves mutilated so they can claim to belong to the opposite sex–serve in the armed forces, after President Donald Trump said they’d have to be kept out from now on (

Thank you, Mr. President. For eight years, with ol’ *Batteries Not Included in the White House, America’s armed forces were used as a laboratory for bizarre sociological experiments. Defending the American people by winning or deterring wars was at the bottom of the list. If we had ever had to go to war with a major power with a 21st-century military, we would have quickly been defeated. That’s what happens when you march your ROTC cadets around in ladies’ red shoes instead of training them how to be officers.

Meanwhile, Democrats assume the American people are solidly behind “transgender rights.” After all, a rally in San Francisco said so. Why, to be averse to “transgender” is “un-American”! And weren’t there at least 16 transgendered individuals who signed the Declaration of Independence?

Well, if that’s the hill the Dems want to die on, I say help them do it.

Because “transgender” is an abomination and God will judge our age very, very harshly for it.

Lord, remember that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections.

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  1. General Kelly pointed out that the Pentagon, which is openly criticizing President Trump’s decree, is at the least guilty of insubordination and quite possibly could be jailed for refusing to carry out a direct order of their superior – the Commander-in-Chief. Wouldn’t that be unprecedented!

  2. I so agree with you, Lee. In fact, I might be even more vehement in my
    condemnation of this abomination. When the Lord told us the last days would be as the days of Noah and Lot, we can readily see why those generations were destroyed. Friendship with the world is enmity against God. Heaven forbid that we should show them any friendship and tolerance of this sick lifestyle.

    1. Erlene, I have never in my life seen anything take off like this transgender business. True, Americans are given to fads; but this one has lasted longer than Davy Crockett or the hula hoop. And they certainly give the impression of being anxious to scoop up all the children in their net. The quintessential madness of this enterprise calls into question our nation’s sanity.

  3. Everything the Left wants is suddenly a “right”. When they have succeeded in pushing transgenderism on us, they will move on to the next thing, and the next. Where does it end? In judgement I’m guessing.

    1. Very true on all accounts. There have been isolated cases of people calling for pedophilia to be considered a sexual orientation, effectively making it legal to sexually molest children. As horrid a thought as this is, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see this become the next step.

    2. I think so too, eventually. As it stands, pedophilia is one of the few sexual taboos that remains, and one of the last vestiges of Christian morality that is still intact. If you look at the ancient world prior to Christianity, they had no problems with pedophilia. So as Christian morality continues to erode from the culture, I think it’s only a matter of time before that becomes accepted as well. To those who don’t believe it’s possible, they would have thought the same thing of same-sex (pseudo) marriage a couple of decades ago.

      By the way Lee, there’s now an animated “childrens” video about a boy and his gay crush:

    3. “If you look at the ancient world prior to Christianity, they had no problems with pedophilia.”

      That’s the amazing thing about all of this. The Law of Moses and Christianity gave us many of the standards which allow life to be lived safely and securely. Property rights, freedom from sexual predators, etc, all have their roots in the Law given to Moses. The freedoms inherent in the founding of the US were based upon the idea that our rights come, not from men, not from the government, but from God Himself.

      Places which are not part of the Judeo Christian ethic tend not to have much in the way of individual rights. It astounds me to see people flocking towards such situations. If someday, advocates of pedophilia succeed in making it their “right” to act out their behavior, the net result will be less freedom for most people. No child should ever be subjected to sexual activity with an adult, period!

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