Prediction: Libs Will Support Pedophilia

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Given that a bunch of academics has been stumping for “consensual intergenerational sex” for years, this is hardly a prediction: some liberals are already doing this, and have been for a while.

To state it more explicitly, when “transgender” has run its course and liberals are ready to shatter another boundary of sexual morality, their new invented “right” will be a right to pedophilia (or whatever euphemism they employ), and the Democrat Party, NPR, Big News Media, and a couple thousand college professors will support it.

The Democrat Party will support a right to have sex with children.

I wish I were wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m not.

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  1. I wish you were wrong too, but I’m afraid you are not.

    I recently had a conversation with a concerned parent; concerned that their 12 yer old will be exposed to sexual temptation and pressure. It’s scary. The saddest thing is that I had little to offer that parent in the way of advice. Talk to the child, inform them of the risks, but in the final analysis, children are exposed to sexual pressures at an ever younger age.

    It’s sad, very sad, because this is harmful to any child. Our brain continues to develop into our twenties. The amygdala, which processes fear and emotions is said to be harmed by early sexual experiences. I believe it, because children tend to experience many things quite profoundly, their emotions being near the surface until they mature further. So exposing a child to sex, especially when there’s a sense of danger (fear of being caught), can be too intense. Sadly, the effects of this may last a lifetime.

    One other point comes to mind. The term “consensual intergenerational sex” suggests that a child is capable of giving informed consent. In my opinion, this is a huge fallacy. A child could be subjected to stimulation and persuaded into doing something they are not fully capable of understanding, because they don’t understand the unfamiliar feelings involved. Arousing a child may lead them to give consent, but I would not consider that informed consent.

    There is one bright spot in all of this and that is the fact that as the Left becomes evermore extreme in their agenda, they will alienate an ever greater number of people. People that are behind some of the Left’s social and economic policies may step back when such ideas as “consensual intergenerational sex” become part of the platform.

    1. Excellent comment, Unknowable – and unfortunately all too true. Children are completely incapable of consent – informed or otherwise. Even young adults can’t process everything involved. They are, however, coerced, cajoled, threatened, promised – but I feel confident in saying it’s never voluntary. Children are innately aware when something is ‘wrong’.

      This is an unbelievably evil, wicked world. It’s difficult to imagine how it could get much worse, but, Jesus did say things would be worse than they’ve ever been or ever would be again.

      The only answer is Jesus.

    2. Some years ago, I met a young woman who had been sexually abused since early childhood. She was a lovely person, but she bore deep emotional scars from her ordeal. Eventually, her life came apart at the seams and she died as a side effect of the many medications given to her to stabilize her mood. It was a tragedy that is never far from my thoughts.

  2. I’ve been saying this for awhile now. As I mentioned previously, the pre-Christian world had no problems with Pedophilia. It was the preferred form of homosexuality among the Greeks. It was also common among the Romans, and many emperors surrounded themselves with young boys. Child brides were also common in the ancient world, and still practiced today in countries were Christianity has little influence.

    Since we have abandoned our Christian ideals for a pagan philosophy of if it feels good do it, we are in a moral free-fall with no end in sight. It might take some time. From what I have observed there is still a pretty strong revulsion against pedophiles, but with no moral foundation to stand upon it is enviable.

    People have forgotten where our high standard of morality came from. “As Josiah Stamp has said, “Christian ideals have permeated society until non-Christians, who claim to live a “decent life” without religion, have forgotten the origin of the very content and context of their decency.” So without this, there is no where else to go but down. It has been forgotten that the LGBT used to be affiliated with NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association). They have since distanced themselves from them because pedophilia is still socially unacceptable. But you can bet when the time is right pedophilia will be their sexual perversion of the month.

  3. I’m actually surprised that NAMBLA and the other pedophilia organizations haven’t had more success in the past at normalizing their particular perversion. Maybe they sensed that the public’s aversion was too strong to tackle without some more breakdown of sanity about sex. The polygamists haven’t fared too well either, so far. But it’s just a matter of time.

    The 1968 papal encyclical “Humanae Vitae” seems to have been prophetic after all, even though it was scorned and mocked at the time. It said (among other things) that once the procreative aspect of the sex act was denied, the unitive aspect would quickly become merely recreational and procreation would be viewed as an evil to be avoided. This in turn would lead to promiscuity and perversions, since recreational sex would have no boundaries and no obligations. It further predicted that normalized abortion would be a natural outcome of normalized contraception (remember, this was five years before Roe v. Wade), both being a rejection of procreated life, and that normalized euthanasia would soon follow, since any human life would now be completely devalued as an intrinsic good.

    1. The Church should have expected the encyclical to be received with scorn and anger. The world hates to be told it’s doing wrong.

  4. As we go forward, we go backward. I’m also waiting for pedophilia and pederasty to step up to the plate with their outcries for acceptance. And it’s true about denying the procreative aspect of sexual activity through the pill and other devices, sex is just another “fun” activity. I know of so many young women who are on some form of birth control. Casual sex acts are part of the first date with many new boyfriends. Remember the old social restriction where there was no kissing on the first date? Moving in together is no big deal any longer. Moving out and then moving in with a new boyfriend is also no big deal. On and on, degradation is becoming the norm. So I’m waiting……

  5. I’ve also observed that the disconnect between sex and reproduction seems to be part and parcel of this moral decline.

    Some time back, it occurred to me that until fairly recently in human history, consenting to sexual activity meant a very real possibility that a child would be conceived. This had a sobering effect, to say the least. As various means of contraception became available this sobering effect became diminished, to say the least, and when oral contraceptives became available in the early sixties the sexual revolution and “new morality” quickly followed.

    The thing is, we are made as we are made and the restraint caused by fear of unwanted pregnancy is part of how we were created. I understand the reasons for controlling the size of the family, especially in today’s economic situation, but contraception has had a side effect which has born bad fruit.

    If it comes to the point where pedophilia is ever accepted, tolerated and practiced openly I fear for the entire nation. There’s no doubt that this will result in judgment. When the US was a moral nation, we prospered and thrived. As our morals have declined, so has our prosperity and security as a nation. It’s a natural consequence.

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