‘Do You Want to Live FOREVER?’

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They’re popping their buttons over this one.

“The possibility of being able to live FOREVER just became one step closer as scientists proved that they can revive cryogenically frozen life,” The Express exults today (http://www.express.co.uk/news/science/836072/cryogenic-freezing-live-forever-eternal-life).

After 60 years of trying unsuccessfully, “experts” have revived frozen zebra fish embryos. Well, 10 percent of them, at any rate. The other 90 percent, not so good. And they say the little fish are doing fine. If you’re in the market for immortal zebra fish, it’s time to do a cartwheel.

Here we go again–once we get all the bugs worked out, we shall surely be as gods. Just like Satan promised in the Garden.

And we can also use this technology to put astronauts in suspended animation for long space voyages. Failing that, we can always send zebra fish to other planets. I had a zebra fish once: nice little fellow. But I doubt he would’ve found Mars to his liking.

The complicated high-tech process they’re using for this, with lasers and nanotech, etc., sounds like it’d be very expensive. So probably they won’t have the money to make everyone immortal. Guess who’s going to be first in line. Hint: It won’t be you.

At the risk of sounding old-fashioned, I was under the impression that I’m already signed up for eternal life, by means of the power and grace of God and faith in Jesus Christ. I like my old plan and want to keep it. Unlike other plans–for health care, say–the government can’t take it from me. Although there are those who’d certainly try to do so.

Would you really, truly, want to be cryogenically frozen and then brought back to life 70 years from now, as a stranger in an exceedingly strange land?

I already have my salvation, thank you. Jesus Christ obtained it for me, two thousand years ago.


8 comments on “‘Do You Want to Live FOREVER?’

    1. Already blogged about that, a week or two ago.

      I don’t know if they’re serving dip, but they sure are serving something…

  1. As we used to say, “Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but no one wants to die.” I’m with you, Lee; I’ll stick with the plan promised by God.

    I always loved what the Archangel Michael tells Adam at the end of “Paradise Lost”: “Neither love thy life nor hate it, but what thou liv’st, live well; the rest, how long or short, permit to Heaven.”

    Anyway, I don’t see how being frozen and unconscious for however many years can be called “living.” Existing, maybe, but not living. The whole point of the dream of earthly immortality was to be conscious and to enjoy the ride — assuming one could stay young and healthy through all of it, which, as I recall, Tithonus neglected to specify in the legend. But even so, I imagine it would all get tiresome after the first few centuries. In fact, the prospect of never being able to die and go to Heaven seems to me suspiciously like Hell.

  2. “Would you really, truly, want to be cryogenically frozen and then brought back to life 70 years from now, as a stranger in an exceedingly strange land?”

    Great point. A human, resurrected back into this fallen world, after decades of being frozen, would probably not be pleased with what they saw. My grandmother died 50 years ago. She wasn’t very impressed by the moral laxity of the mid sixties, so I imagine that she’d be appalled by what she saw happening in our day.

  3. Right off jump street, their plans will certainly fail because 70-100 years from now, this present world will not still exist. I am convinced of that.
    Even if it did, as has already been stated, nobody brought back to this failure would be happy about it.
    Reminds me of the little yarn about scientists thinking they no longer needed God because they had become able to create life. When God asked for a demonstration, they began by forming a person with clay until HE say, uh, uh, get your own clay. OOOPS.

    1. Great points, Erlene.

      I’ve noticed some common threads in the current rebellion. It seems to be very anti-life, anti-reproduction, etc. It flies in the face of God’s command to be fruitful and multiply. Marriage and the roles of husband and wife are despised by many these days, but unrestricted sexual activity with anyone is encouraged.

      The current situation doesn’t strike me as being sustainable or reversible. At this point, there are masses of angry people out there, many of them angry with the God of the Bible. I believe that this is the run-up to God of Magog. God will save His own and being frozen won’t do a bit of good.

  4. Right on. He will say enough, and that is that. End of story. Living forever in this disaster is not a desirable plan.

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