Baby Loves Cat

I think I probably posted this video once before, but gimme a break, I’m full of fried lobster and in serious need of a nap.

Anyway… Is this the world’s most enthusiastic little baby, or is it just the cat that gets this reaction? What eloquent facial expressions this baby has! The cat seems somewhat less enthusiastic. But don’t worry, baby–there are a lot of cats who’d be tickled pink to cuddle up with you. They’re all over youtube: just borrow one from another video.

7 comments on “Baby Loves Cat

  1. Yes, I remember it too, but it’ so sweet! Who could mind watching again 🙂

    So glad you and Patty had a wonderful anniversary. It’s a special blessing to be together for so long. My brother-in-law just passed away in May – one week before their 65th anniversary!

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