Anniversary Time!

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All right, it’s our 40th anniversary today, it only comes around once in a lifetime (unless you get married real, real early and live a real long time), and until cat video time rolls around this evening, I’m going to stop working.

Because it finally stopped raining this morning, yielding to a sunny day that feels more like late September than early August, I was able to do some writing–and a most interesting discovery has been made in the ruins of Old Obann. And my whole marching and chowder society turned out–first a monarch butterfly, then a goldfinch, and lastly a rabbit who gave my feet and chair a friendly sniff before moving on to other business.

I remember one anniversary, years ago, which we spent at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, where Patty posed for pictures with an assortment of lovingly-preserved World War II tanks: stood up there in the topless turret of a Soviet SU-76 assault gun like she owned the thing.

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SU-76, sans Commander Patty

And was it hot that day! We would have loved to spend more time in the Proving Ground Museum, but the building was not air-conditioned and you could die in there, so out we came.

But that’s enough for now.

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  1. You’re off to a great start 🙂 Joy and peace to you both. Happy Anniversary Lee and Patty!

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