‘Burning Man’ Pagan Fest Expects to Draw 70,000

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It’s time again for the annual “Burning Man” festival of “radical inclusion,” whatever that is, out in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert; and this year organizers are expecting to draw at least 70,000 paying participants (http://www.sfgate.com/burningman/article/celebrities-and-tech-execs-going-to-burning-man-11742825.php), including celebrities and hi-tech corporate movers and shakers.

The highlight of the festival is the burning of a wooden human effigy. Anybody ever see The Wicker Man? Same thing, except in the movie they burn it with a live person and live animals inside it, as a sacrifice to pagan false gods. Julius Caesar had a major beef with the Gauls over this, and devoted a lot of work to stamping out this evil practice.

Now it’s where celebs and millionaires go to practice radical inclusion. Low-end tickets cost $425 each.

Would you believe The Burning Man got its start in San Francisco? Okay, I hear you saying “Where else?”

This year some of the hippier types are complaining that capitalism is “ruining Burning Man’s original spirit.” Maybe capitalism is one of those things you exclude when you’re doing radical inclusion.

I’d like to know how many liberal churchmen attend this jamboree. You know–the kind in pink or lavender shirts who perform same-sex pseudomarriages.

Anyhow, that’s the state of our culture. Burning Man is no big thing in itself, but all those little things add up into a burden that will one day crush us.

Because when you kill the culture, the culture’s gonna kill you back.


14 comments on “‘Burning Man’ Pagan Fest Expects to Draw 70,000

  1. My son went to Bonaroo music festival this year. Tickets were similarly 300-400 a piece. The hypocrisy of being anti-establishment, anti-industry, and anti-capitalism YET…collecting massive ticket prices. And these young people fall for it. Trust me I told my son, who struggles financially, I thought it was a rip off. Showers were $20 a piece btw.

    1. Millennials are stupid…lol….they really have been groomed into the ULTIMATE consumer. Think about it…they spend 50 on shampoo because it’s eco friendly, 500 on concert tickets, 400k on a degree in poetry…😂😂😂😂😂 oh my we are all so screwed.

    2. It really is something to see. From back in the ’60s, everyone was against Big Business and consumption, so Big Business adopted a front of identifying with the (PC) causes of the Left, but they are still the same old thing they’ve always been. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    3. Absolutely. Big business finds a marketing niche, caters to it, extracts all the money they can and then moves onto the next victim. They are very parasitic- like money sucking ticks.

    4. I’ve always marveled at the credulity of the crowds that pay inflated ticket prices to hear Leftist musicians rail against the evils of capitalism. Don’t they realize that these musicians are the epitome of free market capitalism?

    5. Ya know I’ve learned that people are dumb. That’s what I’ve learned and stupidity is contagious and youth seem to be very susceptible to the disease these days.

  2. Since we seem to be adopting so many of the old pagan practices, I wonder how long before burning people alive becomes in vogue again.

  3. Unfortunately, I did see Wicker Man – before I ever heard of this burning man pagan ritual. Even so, I thought it was horrible!

    These people all have a real shocker of an awakening coming. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

  4. Yes, what a sick way to “enjoy and be entertained”. They have a replica
    of this affair in Washington State, and I know people who would not miss
    that debacle for the world. I shake my head. They could not pay me enough to suffer through one of those abominations. Sounds like a little
    more rowdy rendition of Bohemian Grove. Sick.

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