Is the Pope Catholic?

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I’m beginning to have my doubts about that. But even more to the point, is his head screwed on quite right?

Dig this latest quote from the Red Pope, Francis I: “Listen to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor who suffer most because of the unbalanced ecology” (

The cry of the Earth? Whose theology is that?

As for the cry of the poor–well, Sunshine, it’s capitalism that raises standards of living throughout the world, capitalism and technological progress: like building things, bringing in modern machinery, cleaning up the water, growing more abundant crops.

But you and your Climbit Change cronies, you’re the ones who want to stop all that! Tell me how “the poor” are supposed to get clean water and up-to-date medical care if they’re not going to be allowed the amenities of modern life. Look at Venezuela, dude! I mean, you guys are always rattling on about “Science,” and yet you want to take away our cars, our air conditioning, our private homes, and our toilet paper, for crying out loud–things that “the poor” would really like to have, if only you and the other globalist big shots would allow it.

The choice is not between living like 12th century Scottish peasants or polluting the earth to death and we’re all gonna die etc. Nor is everything going to turn out hunky-dory if we sign away our liberties and grow government bigger, more powerful, more intrusive, and more high-handed than it’s even been–while incidentally making you and your pals richer and more powerful than you ever dared to hope.

The choice is between listening to your B.S. or going about our business like sane people while completely ignoring you.

Not a hard choice to make.

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  1. In answer to your question – is the pope catholic? No. He’s a Jesuit and a communist. Quite a combination. The Catholic people didn’t choose him but It appears they’re stuck with him.

  2. He is a disgrace, pure and simple. He will answer for all the people he is leading off the proper path and onto the one leading to perdition.

  3. You should check out the Pope’s encyclical on Climate Change. That will tell you everything you need to know about this pope. There’s very little in it about God, instead it pushes the U.N.’s Agenda 21 which is anti-capitalist. Wealth distribution is good, and cars are evil.

    There’s a reason why Pope Francis named himself after St Francis of Assisi. If you have read any St. Francis writings, it teeters on pantheism. He even calls the earth “mother”.

  4. His worship seems more directed to man-made philosophies and the earth than to its Creator.

    While modern technology is not problem free, it is much cleaner than the ways of the past. Give every family in the U.S. a horse and you’ll see the very definition of pollution.

  5. I’m Catholic, and I can tell you that all the faithful Catholics I knew are horrified almost to the point of despair about this Pope. And it’s not just the Climbit Change and anti-capitalism that’s the problem. He also seems to be trying to throw the Ten Commandments out the window, declaring virtue “rigid” and “psychologically unbalanced,” while calling vice a virtue and in one case almost promoting a particular vice to a sacrament. (In defense of having adulterers, fornicators, and sodomites admitted to Holy Communion, he once actually stated that almost no Church-performed marriages are valid, but that most cohabiting couples have a “sacramental quality” about their relationships.) And he’s fired all the pro-life members of the Institute on Marriage and the Family and replaced them with pro-aborts and pro-euthanasia people. We faithful Catholics are almost beside ourselves. We keep having to remind ourselves that there have been other horrible popes before and the Church has survived them all — but it’s at times like this that we start whispering the word “anti-Christ” among ourselves and, yes, wondering about the end times.

    Pardon the rant.

    1. Phoebe, your bravery in stating all these things is truly commendable – and right on target. I was raised in the RC Church and had 2 cousins who were Jesuit priests and a grandmother who went to Mass every day and wore scapulars, relics, medals, and had statues all over the house – idols everywhere. The thing that was missing throughout was The Bible. The teachings were the Catechism and whatever the pope said – and, of course, the missals we brought to Mass rather than Bibles. In my 70 years, I’ve seen that the Catholic people are wonderful, caring, compassionate souls. It’s their leadership that has problems. My daily prayers include you always.

  6. Infallible BS? In 1900 Galveston was hit with a massive hurricane which killed up to 12,000 people. Harvey has only killed about 40 or so. Why the difference? Today we have gas powered motors at our disposal to rescue up to 36,000 people.

    1. I’ve lived in Galveston my whole life, so I’m familiar with the 1900 storm. A better comparison would probably be Hurricane Ike, which hit Galveston directly in 2008. It caused a lot of damage, but nowhere near the death toll of the 1900 storm. We have a couple of things going for us that they didn’t have. They didn’t have satellites to warn them of the impending danger, or the seawall to protect them, which was built after the 1900 storm. We also have cars to help us evacuate. They like to vilify cars, but how they evacuate everyone without them? I guess they did not think about that. They always talk about saving the planet, but its us that need saving FROM the planet.

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