A Present for ‘Bell Mountain’ Readers

I love this video! Most if it’s taken from Tim Haines’ Walking with Prehistoric Beasts, and a lot of the animals in it have already appeared in my Bell Mountain books. If you’ve read them all, you’ll recognize quite a few of them–the mammoths that stampeded through Market City, the giant birds that stalk the plains around Lintum Forest, the big but inoffensive knuckle-bears, the Thunder King’s pet saber-toothed cat, the death-dog that almost made a meal of Ryons and Cavall: and of course the great beast that carried the boy king to his city.

Anyhow, except for what our own imaginations may provide, this is about as close as you can come to seeing these critters in the flesh. Enjoy it! And have a happy Labor Day.

12 comments on “A Present for ‘Bell Mountain’ Readers

  1. Awesome! I do, in fact, recognize a lot of those critters from the Bell Man series.

    I haven’t gotten past book five, because I am in the midst of preparing for some industry certifications and am, essentially, in tech school for the next couple of years, reading tech manuals like a son-of-a-gun.

  2. Enjoyed it.

    I have only read Bell Mountain so far. I think it is better than The Never Ending Story by Michael Ende. If a movie of Bell Mountain is made, I pray it will be better then the movie that was made of Ende’s book.

  3. Wow, Lee! This was fantastic! And I, too, recognize many of the critters 🙂

    Just trying to catch up.

    Please everyone, pray for my daughter, my grandchildren and family, and everyone in South Florida and in the path of Hurricane Irma. At this point, she is a very strong Category 5 and is expected to severely impact Florida, The Keys, the Islands. This storm has the potential to be catastrophic! And reports are that there is another one on Irma’s heels.

    My daughter is an RN in South Florida and unable to evacuate as the hospital requires their staff to work before, during and after hurricanes.

    Judgment has come to arrogant America. Pray God’s mercy in His judgment.

    1. Thank you, Unknowable. This is such a serious situation. I’ve been through many hurricanes in South Florida, including Andrew in 1992. This one appears to be even worse.

  4. I remember this video – and thinking the same thing then as now. I don’t think there was all that violence in creation when God created it. That certainly wasn’t His purpose. But many of the animals are Bell Mountain critters for sure! 🙂

    1. It’s like any movie with dinosaurs in it–in which every carnivorous dinosaur attacks and tries to eat every living thing that crosses its path. We know animals don’t behave like that.

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