UK Christianity: Is It Over?

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Would you believe only 15 percent of the people in England identify as members of the Church of England?

That more than half the people in the United Kingdom say they have “no religion” at all? And in the 18-25 age group, that figures balloons up to 71%.

Well, that’s what a national poll says ( In fact, when they started taking it in 1983, the “no religion” group was only 31%–already too large for comfort.

Hey, but not to worry! As a replacement for Christianity, a lot of Britons have joined “secular assemblies” that “celebrate life.” And probably don’t get on your case for having an abortion. As one young woman said, when she comes to one of those important junctures in her life, ” I turn to my friends” instead of God. What a depressing thought.

Britain, cradle of saints: Patrick, Gildas, Kentigern, Ninnian, David, Oswald, and so many more. What happened to your Christianity?

A lot of people worked very, very hard to make it go away. In government, in what they are pleased to call “education,” and in what is even more sardonically tagged as “entertainment.” Worked night and day, every night and every day, for years. While the Church of England fatzed around with–well, I don’t know what.

I am an American. Great Britain is my mother country, and I grieve for it. What the Kaiser and Hitler couldn’t do to her people, their own popular culture has.

I would say “Rest in peace,” but I very much doubt that Britain’s rest will be peaceful.

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