Pets in Compromising Positions

Animals can have embarrassing moments, too. See the poor tortoise trying to mate with a flip-flop. (To Linda: Notice this turtle vocalizes! Just like yours.) The cat who hasn’t quite mastered the art of unrolling a roll of toilet paper. The dog who honestly doesn’t want to fetch the ball out of the water. (Maybe he just saw Jaws.) Anyway, here they are–with all their charm intact.

7 comments on “Pets in Compromising Positions

    1. Something similar happened to our painted turtle. Thinking to decorate his home, my wife added a little ceramic turtle. When he saw that, he went into full courtship ritual, which for painted turtles is rather complicated. *sigh* We didn’t mean to put him through that.

    2. If all goes according to plan, you’ll see it tomorrow. I think I’ve found video.
      But when you see it, bear in mind that my turtle was pouring his heart out to a ceramic turtle.
      You wouldn’t believe how guilty we felt over that.

    3. I’ll be a happier person for having seen the turtle courtship ritual.

      It is sad when an animal is fooled by some man-made object. I’ve felt bad about similar, although not identical, events. Animals work by instinct and we don’t always understand those instincts. Nonetheless, your intentions were good.

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