Attack of the Killer Koalas

When my Aunt Gertie visited Australia, she declined to have her picture taken cuddling a koala in her arms. At the time, I thought she was overdoing to caution.

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with something I never knew about koalas–don’t tick them off! I mean, really, all the koalas I ever saw, till now, never seemed to do anything but make like cozy little teddy bears. I should’ve known better. Here are two of them in a zoo, where by now they ought to have learned how to get along together, winding up in a Pier 6 brawl over a favorite perch. Don’t worry–neither of them actually got hurt. My two cats act like this all the time, shame on them.

I don’t mean to persuade you to change your minds about koalas. No, I was just surprised to learn that they, like everybody else, have tempers.

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