Why I Cover the Leftids

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Believe me, I don’t do it for my health.

If the history of the 20th century, half of which took place before my own eyes, teaches us anything, it teaches us this: that depraved, warped individuals can acquire political power, and that their depraved, criminally insane ideas can be–and sometimes are–actually put into practice. The result is disaster, sometimes on a global scale. A little number called World War II springs to mind.

I have seen what happens to some liberals’ faces when you dare to disagree with one of their pet crochets. If looks could kill, you’d be dead. In the 21st century, we really did have Attorney General Loretta “Tarmac” Lynch huddling with Democrat senators to discuss ways to throw you into prison for the “crime” of Climate Change Denial. We are starting to hear that sort of leftid hysteria in conjunction with Hurricane Irma. It’s Mother Nature punishing Trump voters for not believing in Man-Made Global Warming. And a leftid commented last night: all Climate Change Deniers “deserve to die in jail!” You can bet the house he’d put us there, if he could.

I write about these people because I think they’re dangerous. If you don’t think Antifa thugs are dangerous, you need to think some more.

Now the leftids’ greatest source of strength is the perception that they’re Smart, much smarter than the average peasant. They certainly believe it. The media consistently portray them as the nation’s brain trust. And it’s a shame, but an awful lot of people have fallen for that line of hogwash. “Well, I mean, he’s a college professor/scientist/U.S. Senator/movie star/celebrity–he must know what he’s talkin’ about!”

I do what I can to expose these aspiring dictators as big-mouthed buffoons–which indeed most of them are. They say they’re too smart to believe in God, but embrace the most benighted, shabby forms of paganism and superstition. Many of them can’t even define or explain the things they say they do believe in. But there are smarter ones behind them, pulling their strings.

If they ever lose that mask of intellectual superiority, they’ll pretty much lose everything. I pray the Lord will strengthen all of us who try to take away that mask.

True, some of their peculiar follies really do rate belly-laughs, and we can’t be blamed for laughing at them.

But behind it all stands evil.

Behind it all stands Satan.

9 comments on “Why I Cover the Leftids

  1. Lee.. and you wonder why I hate Trump (I do not hate the man) being in office? At least I try to be human about it. 🙂

    I do have a question to pose your way… if most Americans are.. non-conservative (notice I didn’t say liberal)… why do you think that is? Would you be suggesting that all non-conservatives (the majority) have fallen victim to some media brainwashing or the ways of Satan and conservatives alone are the chosen ones who only see the truth.. whatever that is?

    1. The American mainstream is tepidly center-right. A lot of the conservative commentary doesn’t speak to them. And the label “conservative” means many different things to many different people.

      As for Mr. Trump, the choice came down to him or Hillary Clinton and America chose him. We wanted out from under liberalism–Obamacare, transgender bathrooms, national borders unenforced, etc.–and we certainly weren’t going to get that by electing Hillary.

    2. While I’ve been active for change in my local school districts in the past when my three were going through said systems, I am not one to throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet. No question the classroom tends to lag real world by about a decade….. but we’ve become the world economic and military power based on the alleged “worn out” public education system.

      On Trump.. I mentioned him in my original reply not to languish inside a debate but rather rhetorical. You and I will never meet there and I can respect that (almost..).

      I will accept your remark about the tepid center-right thing. I myself, before the confusion left by the recent election, always considered myself a liberal conservative (that was the evolutionary result of a childhood and teenhood of solid republicanism). But if conservatism means something different to many different people the I would think so does liberalism.

      So why the yet another nonsense rant about liberalism (besides it being your blog and you can post anything you want)?
      I dunno… I’m more accepting of the human condition and far less accusatory about human guilt in the eyes of God that constantly needs correction. People are who they are. The Commandments are a good set of rules to follow. It’s The Good Book that seems to muddy the waters with interpretations.
      Now.. I don’t mean to get into a religious debate.. not my thing. But so many conservatives throw it “out there” to define their politics.

    3. P.S.–It would be a very big mistake to discount the influence of a mendacious Far Left media and a dysfunctional education system.

  2. Many Scripture verses came to mind as I read this blog post, like being “a good soldier of Christ.” Ranting Doug can’t understand your reasoning because he is not a believer (yet). As Christians, according to 2 Corinthians 10:5,”We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” Thanks Lee, for being a good soldier of Christ.

  3. There seem to be many among the far Left, whom cannot even conceive that their point of view isn’t held by nearly everyone. Most people I meet in my daily affairs tend to be fairly moderate, and Lee’s assessment that the majority in the US tend to be center-right strikes me as in keeping with my own experiences. It’s long been known that elections are decided by the “swing vote”, which further bears out the point.

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