Law Prof ‘Debunks’ Parental Rights

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Humanism–the worship of monsters

I keep telling you there’s no one as anti-human as a humanist. Here’s yet another example of it.

One James Dwyer, a law professor at William & Mary College and a big wheel in the family court business, in a recent interview with Michelle Malkin, said there is “no inherent right” to parent one’s own children ( Indeed, he went further than that. In this quote, he seems to deny the biological reality of parenthood:

“The reason that parent-child relationship exists is because the state confers legal parenthood on people through its paternity and maternity laws.”

Gee, getting born to someone has nothing to do with it. I didn’t know that! Did you?

In 1994 this blot on the cultural landscape wrote “Debunking the Doctrine of Parents’ Rights,” published by the California Law Review. So you see, he’s not just some kook on a leftid blog. He is a respected member of the legal profession with rather more clout than most.

Oh, and he really hates homeschooling, too. Being educated by your parents, who love you, rather than by strangers and ideologues employed by the state, who are in it for the pension, violates your rights as a child. I don’t quite see that, but then I’m not a prestigious member of the law community.

Again, these people may seem funny, their positions laughable, their self-importance comical. But if they ever acquired the power to do the things they want to us, that wouldn’t be funny at all.

Laugh them off the stage while they’re still funny.

12 comments on “Law Prof ‘Debunks’ Parental Rights

  1. From California again, of course. This is pure Communism, where the state is the supreme authority. Your right Lee, it’s funny until it’s not.

  2. My current employment has made me VERY aware of the problems surrounding the administration of both the welfare system.. and most importantly Children & Family Services. The latter exists for the sole purpose of separating children from their parents. Honestly and truly… just because humans CAN procreate does not mean they should. In the same vein, some people should never be allowed to procreate… but that can never happen obviously because nature demands the continuing of the species. The big problem rests with the society we’ve created for ourselves as being dependent on each other rather than encouraging self-sufficiency. Even if you WANT to be self-sufficient.. you can’t. While you might want to “blame” government.. remember that WE made the government so that YOUR idea of self-sufficiency does not impose on MY idea of self-sufficiency.. and in the process we both loose.

    1. I don’t do conspiracy theories. I’ve observed people using CPS as a means of getting at their neighbors: just call in with an anonymous tip of neglect or abuse, and watch the government go to work on that neighbor who cheesed you off the other day. I don’t need silly theories to explain things that I’ve seen for myself.

  3. The further our American nation strays from its Biblical roots, the nuttier & scarier things become. The family is the most important institution, and the training ground for self-sufficiency under God. The Founding Fathers would not recognize today’s America.

  4. Nothing funny here, I read the article and I find it incredibly alarming! It is the stuff of nightmares especially since it seems this man has influence in policy making. The world is truly becoming a darker place by the day…

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