Memory Lane: 500 Days Till Doomsday

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Almost our president…

Remember this? May, 2014–three years ago–the foreign minister of France got together with abortion-happy loon John Kerry and proclaimed the world has only “500 days to avoid climate chaos!” (

Have you noticed liberals and other Global Warming pinheads never, ever, have to be right in their predictions?

Thank the Force or whatever, the foreign minister exulted, that America has leadership, in Kerry the dope and President *Batteries Not Included, who are down for the struggle against Man-Made Climbit change! Surely they will harness the power of the government to make it be nice weather all the time!

Anyone out there who still believes these people really ought to be ashamed of himself. Uh, how many posh beachfront homes have the Rising Sea Levels Marching & Chowder Society bought for themselves lately?

4 comments on “Memory Lane: 500 Days Till Doomsday

  1. Hey, according to Paul Ehrilich, we all starved to death in the 1980s anyway. So, as another of our great geniuses is wont to say, “At this point, what difference does it make?”

  2. Reminds me of the Rapture Prophets saying Israel becoming a nation again meant in one generation the catching away of the saints would take place. It’s been a couple of generations so far and these “prophets” still won’t give it up.

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