Antifa Law Prof Canned

We toldja it was stupid to have an anarchist teaching law at a law school.

Remember this bozo from last week? Sure–he went on Tucker Carlson to say “the violence is justified,” blah-blah.

Well, this weekend he got caught tweeting about what “a privilege” it was for him “to be teaching future dead cops,” and the John Jay College of Criminal Justice suspended him. See, the prof believes the police are, like, the oppressors, so it would be okay for “the people” to rise up and kill them, etc.

Piling on, New York City Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr., dba Bill De Blasio (he never uses his real name if he can help it), tore into the anarchist prof who has ties to Antifa (Thugs ‘R’ Us) storm troopers. Funny! Wilhelm aka De Blasio, a former Sandinista wannabe, has made his contempt for New York City police quite clear, and the patrolmen’s union has returned the favor, big-time. Maybe Warren aka Bill is trying to mend his fences with the cops. Lotsa luck with that, sunshine.

Meanwhile, we have persons who by definition don’t believe in law teaching law and playing footsie with an organization given to street violence, Weimar Republic style. Is anyone surprised it’s turning out like this?

9 comments on “Antifa Law Prof Canned

  1. Actually, every time I see those black-covered thugs beating people up in the streets, I think of Mussolini’s blackshirts — who were, if you recall, the original fascists. But the “antifa” moniker does come from the Weimar Communist group. Thugs are thugs are thugs.

  2. The guy looks like a wildman – an insane one at that. He is receiving his just desserts. He could be the poster boy for what’s wrong with our education system. In fact, even the term education ‘system’ is objectionable. And if classes like his are where are lawyers today are coming from, that explain a lot too.

  3. Why should we be surprised that people who do not obey God’s Law would have no inclination to obey any law? It all begins at the beginning.

  4. Giraffe boy needs to find another job more suitable to him, maybe landscaping by eating the leaves off shrubs.

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