Your School Tax Dollars at Work: P&J Sandwiches Are ‘Racist’

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The madcap principal of Portland, Oregon’s, chronically underachieving Harvey Scott K-8 School has decreed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches “racist” ( You’d have to ask her what makes them so. She has forbidden students even to mention them.

This dud, like all the other principals in the district, has passed through a special training program to teach them “to see their own white privilege.” Apparently it makes them loony, too.

The principal has also established a special lunchtime drum class for Hispanic and black boys only–no whites, Asians, or girls allowed. She defends this decision by claiming “white people” do this kind of thing all the time and get away with it. “That’s your white privilege,” she asserts. Any moment now, she’s going to dive into a pile of produce at the supermarket and try to bathe in it.

All right, you folks in Portland, let’s see you complete this sentence. “I send my kids to these schools because _____________.”

P.S.: This school consistently performs in the lowest 15% in the state, academically. The principal says she expects the segregated drum class to turn her “minority” students into wiz kids.

6 comments on “Your School Tax Dollars at Work: P&J Sandwiches Are ‘Racist’

  1. Wait, wait, my head is spinning…. At one school, students complained because they were confronted by “black” food at a dinner given to them by a white college president:

    There, the “black” food was racist because it was condescending on the part of whites who could afford fancier food. (Of course, the mac ‘n’ cheese, collards, and cornbread were actually Southern food, more often associated with rural whites than with blacks). Now we hear that it’s racist to serve “white” food.

    Serve “white” food, and you’re a racist. Serve “black” food and you’re a racist. So is the answer not to serve black students ANY food? No, then you’d be a racist for refusing them food. I suppose you could serve Asian or Hispanic food, but then you’d be guilty of “cultural appropriation” and … a racist.

    The real question is where all the backbones have gone when no one will stand up against this idiocy.

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