That Ain’t Hillary

Speaking of those literary titans, Bill and Hillary Clinton, some people just can’t be honest about anything.

This is the back cover of the dust jacket of Hillary’s new book, What Happened, her thrilling analysis of how it’s everybody’s fault but hers that she isn’t president. Look at it closely.

It’s not Hillary. This woman is a model who bears a resemblance to Hillary but isn’t her. (Is this starting to sound like Oy, Rodney, or what?) She couldn’t even put her own picture on her own book.

But hey, it’s a great marketing ploy, and I’m all ready to take advantage of it personally! Yessireebob, when my next book, The Silver Trumpet, comes out, I’m gonna have my picture on the back cover! And here it is: drum roll, please.

Image result for images of steve reeves

Waddya mean, it isn’t me? I think I detect some hate speech in the air…

6 comments on “That Ain’t Hillary

  1. If that is Hillary, several airbrushes were worn out tweaking the picture.

    Now I do believe that picture could be you, Lee, but you need a haircut you hippie. 🙂

    1. I was going to suggest just a good combing before the next photo shoot. Neatness counts. 🙂

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