Barf Alert: ‘Tonight’ Writers Idolize Hillary

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Have you ever wondered just how far anyone can go in shedding his or her self-respect? I think the answer might be, “All the way.”

The other night Crooked Hillary Clinton–whose Devotions had to be pulled from the market on account of rampant plagiarism–appeared on the Tonight Show to schlep her books. And whaddaya know! Out came seven of the show’s female writers to deliver “thank you” letters to this corrupt and wicked woman. (

And then, to top it all off, out came strumpet-for-hire Miley Cyrus, who, we are told, was “fighting back tears” as she read the letters to the Witch of Whitewater.

There’s video of this event, but your standard barf bag might not be adequate. You might need a full-size lawn and leaf bag if you’re going to watch this.

Can anybody tell me anything Hillary Clinton has ever done to deserve such adulation? C’mon, I dare you to try!

19 comments on “Barf Alert: ‘Tonight’ Writers Idolize Hillary

  1. Trying to think of anything remotely deserving of respect, much less adulation would be at least a waste of time. The “person” is a criminal and that’s all.

  2. I can tell you precisely why she’s adored, not that I find it legitimate. She’s adored, because she was the first serious female candidate for president. Her true believers think that she will solve all that is wrong and if she doesn’t solve ALL of their problems, like true believers everywhere, they will blame external factors and recycle their blind trust to apply to some other person whom pushes all their buttons.

    1. . . . because she’s the most likely to position herself as that person. It’s the Clinton’s entire career in the public eye that has placed her here. She’s perceived as the ever faithful wife to the wayward Bill. The “Good Hearted Woman”, in love with a good-timing man.

    2. It’s all about belief systems. When people place their trust in something besides God, they will create a “god” in THEIR own image. Hillary affirms something for many of these people so she has become their god.

    3. The one word I would use to describe her is ‘vile’. She’s so repulsive, I can’t stand to even hear her voice. She’s the first one I’ve ever heard of who’s charging a fee to attend her book signings! Given the history of the Clintons, you’d think they’d never again come out of their bat caves. But, we Italians have a saying to describe people like this: ‘they have no face’.

    1. I’ve been blessed to have seen many of them – sometimes, only a couple feet away 🙂

    2. Every summer the hummingbirds camp out in the trees around my house. We have several hummingbird feeders in our backyard. I begin my mornings on the patio watching them entertain me. Sadly, it is now Autumn and they have gone.

    3. Those hummingbirds were having quite a time. I’d much rather place my trust in the Creator of such wonderous creatures than place my trust in a woman whom has created mostly turmoil an dissent.

  3. I saw the Jimmy Fallon Show you are talking about, and had to check in at the E.R. my nervous system was so shaken.

    Satan offered Jesus the kingdoms of this world if He would worship him. I wonder what deal Hillary was offered and accepted.

    1. What a joke. Welcome to our last 8 years, but we weren’t crying and having nervous breakdowns over it.

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