Sanity Break: Cat and Bunny Playing

That’s either one little cat or one big rabbit. Don’t worry, they’re not fighting: they’re tumbling around in play. It’s a mammal thing.

It sort of makes me wish I could shrink myself and join in on the fun.

5 comments on “Sanity Break: Cat and Bunny Playing

  1. What I thought was a mole is a possum. And it runs between the cats after they have ate and climbs the fence. What a wild looking creature.
    Some of these cats it took years before they would let me feed and pet them.
    None of them have a necklace. I have limited means but there is always a way to scrounge up some food for them. My cat has no claws so I can’t let them in. She is very picky and anything not eaten by her goes to the outside cats.
    It is our job to be good shepherds of the earth and animals.

    1. Yes, you’re right.

      My wife once had a possum living in her house, along with a bunch of dogs and cats. The possum had babies and raised them in the house. I don’t know how the mother possum convinced the dogs and cats not to eat anybody, but somehow they all got along.

      I had a young possum in my bedroom for a couple of days until my mother saw it and got rather put out.

  2. What fun! Our bonded rabbits would spend lots of time grooming each other but i never saw them play together like that cat & rabbit – what a hoot, and a very appropriate song to go along with it.

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