Another Captive Audience for ‘Gay’ Speakers

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If you thought your kids were safe from “gay” evangelism in a Utah public high school–Red state, full of strait-laced Mormons–well, you thought wrong.

Parents are upset that the school recently hosted guest speakers from, uh, “Moab Pride”–like you couldn’t guess that that would be about?–supposedly for “poetry slam workshops,” whatever the devil that is, “on tolerance and acceptance”… which turned into an exercise in “identity mapping”–the superintendent of schools admitted he didn’t know what that is; and neither to we–in which students were called upon “to reveal their sexual orientation and gender identity” (

You can’t beat the superintendent’s excuse: “It  caught the school off guard.” Oh, well, no problem then!

Red state, schmed state: the same teachers’ unions, and the same “gay” evangelism. They’ll do it every time.

Controlled by the same far-left teachers’ unions in all 50 states, America’s public schools are dedicated to preaching sexual anarchy, gender-bending, race-hustling, socialism, and all the rest of the leftids’ DeLuxe Fun Pack. If you send your kids to public schools, that’s what they’re going to get. How many thousand more examples do you need before you see that?

It looks more and more like the only safe place for your children to be educated is at home, by Christian families.

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  1. It seems to me that the educational system is going for the gold at this point, basically claiming the right to treat students as if they were the property of the teachers and not allowing parents to have any control in matters. One youngster in my family, a very brilliant child with perfect grades, recently decided to finish high school through an online course offered by a nearby university. The reason was that the school counselor decided this person was gay and the more they stated that wasn’t the case the harder to counselor pushed the issue. Finally, this youngster refused to return to a school that was imposing a sexuality on its students.

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