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‘Collidge Morons Demand to Control News Reporting’ (2015)

When I was a newspaperman, I sometimes encountered politicians and other characters with high opinions of themselves who demanded to approve and alter my story before I published it. This was shockingly bad form, and I told them so. Some of them understood. I mean, if we can’t report it like we saw it and we heard it, there’s no point in reporting it at all.

But now bad form seems to be gaining the upper hand. Remember this incident at Smith College, just a couple years ago?


Leftids just won’t stop until there’s no more freedom left.

…And See What Comes Out!

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In Snorri Sturlusson’s history of King Harald I of Norway, written in the Middle Ages, he reports that Harald married a queen who had a reputation for practicing witchcraft. When she died, Harald was so distraught that he forbade anyone to move her body. Amazingly, the corpse, just left on the bed for month after month, did not decay. But finally, when they had to do something about the bedding, they turned her over–and she burst wide open, and a multitude of hideous little monsters swarmed out of her body, which instantly decayed.

Hmm… Was Snorri actually writing about America’s college and university system in 2017?

I visited The College Fix today (http://www.thecollegefix.com/), and it was so full of revolting news reports, I didn’t know where to begin. Catholic college, Georgetown, punishes students for promoting Catholic teachings on marriage. Smith College Queer Studies program–yes, you can get a degree in that, and don’t even ask what it costs–seeks to “disrupt normative sex,” only aberrant sex allowed. Another college teaches that “white people slaughtered and maimed their way to the top” and need to be brought down, I guess so other groups can have their turn to slaughter and maim people. And on and on and on, one after another. I just can’t zero in on any one of them. I couldn’t even get up the nerve to count them.

What are our colleges doing to us? If all these millions of students actually come to believe the drivel they’ve been taught, so ripe with hate, fury, and the potential for violence, what kind of hell-hole will America be turned into, in their hands? Think about it: someone’s got to.

Shut them down. Cut off the money and shut them down. Find some other means of higher education. And maybe someday we can build new colleges where decency and sanity prevail.

But first put a stop what what all these schools are doing.

College Idiot Factories Wage Jihad against ‘Toxic Masculinity’

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Okay, leftids, you’ve convinced me: you really are the servants of Satan. What you say and do can be explained in no other way.

Ithaca, Duke, Oregon State, Brown, Amherst, University of Massachusetts–these are just some of the “universities” this week who will be holding workshops and B.S. sessions on “toxic masculinity” ( https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=8645 ).

At Brown the workshops will be “for students who identify as men.” At Oregon State, students will “engage in collective imagining.” There is a slang term for the latter which I am not permitted to use on this blog. Ithaca is gunning for “hegemonic masculinity.” I could go on, but I seem to have run out of barf bags.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: People who love and respect their sons and daughters do not send them to these colleges to be turned into brainless wastes of space. To which I am moved to add: People who love and respect their country do not send their sons and daughters to these colleges to be turned into brainless wastes of space.

We see by all this frenzied activity that Satan has a real problem with God’s created order, and has moved his servants to strike at its very foundation: “Male and female created He them.” They want to get rid of the male part.

God will eventually remove this whole business from the picture. It would be a shame to us, if we ever had to look back and saw that we, when we had the opportunity, and the duty, failed to speak and act against it.

O Lord Our God–remember, please remember, that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections.

They Want a ‘Sanctuary Campus’

What is going to happen when the rest of us get too old to do it anymore, and we have to hand America over to today’s college students, tomorrow’s simpletons?

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Campus Reform asked students at George Washington University–is there anyone in history who has more embarrassing stuff named after him?–if they thought it would be a good thing to protect illegal aliens by allowing the university to be a “sanctuary campus,” where America’s immigration laws are routinely disobeyed ( http://www.thelibertyeagle.com/students-want-sanctuary-from-student-loans-final-exams/ ).

Oh, yes, they thought that was a swell idea! But they would also like their campus to be a sanctuary from… final exams, repayment of student loans, and laws against underage drinking. A place where you can just do anything you want and never experience any pressure, any disapproval: as one airhead put it, “a safe space for everybody.” Unless you voted for Trump.

Wow, no exams. Everybody just hangs out at college for a while, without having to pay for it, and then when you finally feel like leaving, they hand you a degree.

It’s come to this: college eats your brain. America needs to be saved from its university system. I hope it’s not too late.

Latest Collidge Caper: Play-Doh and Lego Blocks

We know the collidge crowd is all freaked out by the results of the election, but this is ridiculous.

As reported by USA Today, the University of Michigan Law School offered its students “post-election self-care” sessions in which the future lawyers of America were provided with Play-Doh, Lego blocks, coloring books, and puppies ( http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2016/11/14/trump-liberal-college-campuses-michigan-yale-glenn-reynolds-column/93765568/ ). They quickly had to delete that notice from their website when the law school instantly turned into a national laughing stock.

What’s next? Diapers? Pacifiers?

Other colleges are clambering on board the idiot express. Cornell has had a “cry-in,” and Yale a “group scream,” to mention only two.

And in the interests of “diversity,” they are teaching students to hate, fear, and shun their few fellow students who voted for Donald Trump instead of Ma Clinton of the Clinton crime family.

Play-Doh? College students sitting around, dabbling with Play-Doh? Your tuition dollars at work–yee-hah!

America’s overgrown, over-funded, over-attended university system–making our country more infantile by the day.


The Curse of Toxic Masculinity

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Colleges and universities all over the country are scrambling to cleanse their student bodies of “toxic masculinity” ( http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/29757/ )–probably caused by male students’ penchant for having XY chromosomes, and manifesting itself in such symptoms as “domestic terrorism,” lack of “gender fluidity,” an unhealthy interest in sports, and muscles that can be detected without the use of special lenses… according to the experts.

Anyhow, toxic masculinity is a grave threat to–well, something, I don’t know what–and it has to be dealt with before the unthinkable happens.

And what is the unthinkable? For an answer, we turned to Dr. Stephonne Castrati, Dean of Gender Diversity at Girlyman University.

“It’s just so awful, so unthinkable, for a lovely little boy to grow up to be a nasty horrid man!” said Dr. Castrati. “I mean, it’s just too, too much!

“That’s why Girlyman University provides every XY student with an operation which will save him from ever becoming a dirty hairy man in any traditional sense. It does drive up the tuition, but it’s so worth it! And if we get ’em early enough, they can sing in the university choir.”

The university does not like to call these students “eunuchs,” emphasized Dr. Castrati. “We prefer to call them ‘precious cuties saved from the curse of toxic masculinity,'” he said.

America will never become a utopian earthly paradise, he added, for as long as men are men and women are women.

“But our universities are feverishly working to correct that, night and day!” he said. “And we’re making a difference.”

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