Homage to a Butterfly

Mr. Nature here–and I can’t let this year go by without paying homage to the tiger swallowtail butterfly, one of my favorite creations by God’s mind and hands.

These tigers are holding a convention on a stand of buttonbush. I’ve never seen so many in one place. Around here, you just see one now and then, alone. But then we don’t have any buttonbush to attract them.

Mrs. Nature is thinking next year’s garden might be better as a butterfly garden–milkweed for the monarchs, and assorted wildflowers for the rest. I’m all for it. Maybe this’ll be my chance finally to see a hummingbird.

3 comments on “Homage to a Butterfly

  1. Butterflies – or as my children used to say ‘flutter-bys’ – are such a delicately spectacular creation. God’s stuff! 🙂

  2. I recommend planting sunflowers to attract hummingbirds. There are the easiest plant of all to grow – stick the seed in the ground in the Springtime and enjoy full grown plants all summer long. I had about twenty of them this year.

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