The Diversity Ice Cream Shop

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In a nearby college town, social justice entrepreneurs have opened an ice cream parlor “that dramatically illerstrates what Diversity it is all about!” says co-founder Skybird Starchild.

Diversity Cones Inc. offers only one flavor, chocolate, in only one size, and anyone who asks for something different, says Ms. Starchild, “is really asking for it!” Social Justice consultants will force the offender into a back room and work him over until he agrees that chocolate is indeed the only flavor.

“No one ever comes out of our shop with the wrong idea!” exults Ms. Starchild.

To avoid legal complications, Diversity Cones employees wear black masks.

“Don’t even think of coming in here with a trace of Climate Change Denial in your mind,” Ms. Starchild says. “Diversity cannot tolerate wrong thoughts!”

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    1. It’s sort of like all the young men in the ‘60s and ‘70s that wore long hair to be “different”. There were countless young men that looked similar to one another, all confident that they were somehow “different”.

  1. Just wait until another diversity group (I will not name names here) trashes the store for not serving tutti frutti. 🙂

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