Muslim Vikings: Baloney! Says Scholar

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Historical Note: Movies to the contrary, only Muslim Vikings wore horned helmets.

Back on Oct. 13 we reported the “staggering” finding that there were Muslim grave goods in a Viking burial, indicating that the Vikings were markedly influenced by Islam, yatta-yatta blah-blah (see “Scholar (LOL) Thinks Vikings May Have Been Muslims). Clue: The, ahem, scholar who announced this works for the University of Uppsala in Sweden. That’s the country whose ruling class hates their own history and is eager to hand it over, lock, stock, and barrel, to invading Muslims. So turning Vikings into Muslims would serve a political purpose.

Now an expert in Islamic art and archeology has blown those “findings” to smithereens (, on two counts. A) The supposed “Arabic inscription” woven into the ancient textiles does not spell “Allah,” but actually spells nothing at all. B) Even if it were a genuine Arabic script, that type of script did not exist until some 500 years after those particular Vikings were supposedly buried with it. [ thanks to ECAW’sblog for the news tip.]

Aw, what does she know! We want Muslim Vikings! That way we’re not giving our country away; we’re giving it back.

Aren’t you glad there ain’t no politics in Science?

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